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  1. KClement28

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    What's popcorn lung?
  2. KClement28

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    I don't because I don't see the point in it and it caused my best friend to turn to cigarettes. She's currently trying to quit though but I feel that they both can have the same effect on a person. It's just not a healthy thing to do.
  3. KClement28

    Positive Messages For Eugenia Cooney

    I'm so glad you took a step in the right direction to get better and we are very proud of you. You have our full support and my thoughts are with you.
  4. KClement28

    What Was Your First Job?

    Cici's Pizza. I was either 15 or 16 but I quit after a month of working there because I hated it lol.
  5. KClement28

    Eating Animals

    Yeah, I'm not rude to people who eat meat. I'm actually the only person in my family who's a vegetarian lol.
  6. KClement28

    Eating Animals

    Yes, but I care about all animals so I just choose to not eat any of them.
  7. KClement28

    Eating Animals

    I grew up eating meat but about 4 years ago, I became a vegetarian after learning about what goes on in slaughterhouses and what's in meat as well. I also realized that I do care about animals so why would I eat animals if I care about them? That's how I feel about it. You're one of the people who inspired me to stop eating animals so thank you for that 🙂
  8. KClement28

    How Much Sleep Do You Get?

    Between 8 and 9 hours. I feel tired if I get less than that amount 😛
  9. KClement28

    What are you addicted to?

    Dr. Pepper lol
  10. KClement28

    What Were You Doing?

    Making dinner. I'm just waiting for it to be done 😋
  11. KClement28

    How Did You Find Me?

    Lol no problem! I'm still subscribed to him and actually became online friends with him 😄
  12. KClement28

    How Did You Find Me?

    The first collab you did with Swiftkaratechop in 2009. I was like, "Lol who is this guy?" So I decided to check out your videos and thought you were really funny, so I decided to subscribe to you 🙂

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