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  1. RT @brendonisdead: me coming in to work and seeing my favorite coworker is there too https://t.co/4g2SWGC1je

  2. @greygirlgrace Thanks! Hopefully next year I'll have a different job where I'll be off on Holidays lol

  3. How was your Easter? Mine didn't even feel like Easter because I had to work and I didn't even go to Church lol. It… https://t.co/63BFtB0hNk

  4. RT @supershayne: PETER: Cmon guys, we can still win the battle of the bands tonight.

    JOHN: But our band hasn’t been the same since our lea…

  5. @tanamongeau I have no idea. I literally don't understand why someone would even consider doing that. I'm sorry 😔

  6. RT @tanamongeau: how could you break the heart of someone you love for moments with someone else

  7. @SmoshIan Broccoli > Weed

  8. RT @SmoshIan: Guys it’s 4/21 🥦

  9. @ColleenB123 Cute little bunny! 😊

  10. https://t.co/Y4vHDA9XbD

  11. Anything sweet like cake, brownies, etc. Also pizza 😋
  12. I've posted basically the same topic a few months ago haha. I would love to go to the 1950's. I love the music and style from that time.
  13. @Onision I have the cup that says Onision on it and when my sister saw it, she said "eww!" 😂

  14. RT @Onision: 🥴 ...is this a stroke emoji?

  15. @BigPurpleThanos @Onision No rational thinking person says something like to someone who has been suicidal in the p… https://t.co/vnUMZxdUuG

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