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  1. I maintain a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet. I eat meat maybe.. 10% of the time. Not a lot. But I don’t really care that people do. It more concerns me the amount of meat people consume and the way the poor animals are sometimes treated and the conditions they’re kept it. Then there are also people who need to eat real animal proteins. Iron is very hard to get from veggies, so it’s not a good option for people who are anemic, and people with other conditions that would require them to eat real proteins/consume high levels of iron. Fish is a good option for this, it’s lean and pretty good for you actually. Red meat uuuh not so much lol.
  2. I live in the polar vortex so it’s been like -4 since last Monday with a wind chill of -40. Snow, basically just ice falling from the sky. Today though it’s a warm and balmy 33!! But it’s raining and probably just going to freeze and make everything more dangerous
  3. Gender dysohoria, adhd, bipolar disorder, ptsd, etc etc etc etc oh yeah and dumb bitch disease.
  4. Dr Phil calling her out would be no different than anyone else calling her out. It would be the same effect. She would get a rush on the attention and it would encourage her to keep going. She knows what she looks like, she knows that she’s sick. Her YouTube is all that she has to cling onto. At this point nobody but Eugenia herself can help. The best thing everyone can do for her is to leave her alone and hope she changes her mind but I doubt she will. She’s in too deep. Her illness is her identity, it’s why she’s gotten so much attention on YouTube and on twitter and everywhere else.
  5. I practice paganism and witchcraft. I believe all people came from the earth and will one day return to the earth.
  6. I’ve I’ve struggled for a long time with ED and I can tell you that all of this attention is going to make it a lot worse. The best thing you can do is not call attention to her anymore. It’s not going to do much considering she still has a fan base but not starting drama with her or calling attention to her, even positive, is the best you can do. When you start giving her negative attention her fans will jump to her defense and it will be like a high for her and will accelerate or encourage her to continue starving. When you give her positive attention the same exact thing happens. The attention feeds her illness.
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