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  1. I'm at a gothic nightclub for my friends bday! They are playing nine inch nails right now, previous band was Depeche Mode! I love it here! It's called Ground Zero 🙂
  2. Any fans of Avatar the Last Airbender? Would you be a water, earth, air or fire bender? And why? I think I would be a water bender! I love water and work as a lifeguard and love my job! Plus I would love to use water to heal. But blood bending is wicked cool!
  3. Omg! Wow I didnt think it would be recognized I just did this to be nice 😅 I didnt expect even a thanks, this has definitely made my Friday night EPIC! Thank you @Onision for the title! I appreciate it so much! And thank you too @XerinaNova!
  4. @Onryouji is this your channel? Just making sure I subscribed to the right one! I'll watch them once I get time!
  5. The sunflowers fit Kai so well! I agree with you!
  6. @Sheila Motko I subscribed to your channel! You have so many videos! I'm a little busy today but I'll watch some of your videos when I get home! Looking forward to it! 😁 if anyone else wants to check out Sheila's channel its here! Also Sheila is one of my favorite names it's so pretty! And all the Sheilas I know (which are only 2) were both badass rebel girls! You would be the third Sheila I know!
  7. Hey so as I was writing my PewDiePie topic, I thought we should have a Topic where people can post their channel and we can support each other! Link your channel and i will happily check out your channel and subscribe! I have a YouTube channel but I only have one video and am not sure I will post more 😓 its here of anyone wants to check it out. Also if anyone has Instagram, Deviant Art, Twitter, etc. I'll happily check them out 😁 link it all!
  8. I have no clue if Onision and PewDiePie are cool with each other, (and I'm totally sorry if they arent!) but I really do hope PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers before Tseries. YouTube is meant to be a place where people can be creative and express themselves, an outlet. I dont like the thought of corporations taking over YouTube, it will run the individual content creators out and small YouTubers or people starting out won't even have a chance to be seen, and will become discouraged to create content. PewDiePie NEEDS to beat Tseries!
  9. "Move Along" by All American Rejects This song really helped me when I was younger, struggling. It pulled me out of some dark thoughts. The song that saved me.
  10. @Peacefulfaerie you are so KIND! I hope your YouTube is successful! Please let me know when you start your channel I would love to watch and subscribe! I thought about starting a channel but I'm really shy 😅 Also your sister sounds like a goof! I mean that in a friendly way!
  11. I like to believe that our spirit takes the image of a time when we were happiest. We are surrounded by past loved ones lost. And look upon and guide those who are in the physical world. It's what comforts me.
  12. @Peacefulfaerie I'm here if you ever want to vent or talk! I'm very open minded and supportive.
  13. @Peacefulfaerie if I'm ever feeling bad about my weight I look up clips of my 600 pound life and realize that I'm not as far gone as I thought idk if that would help you? I know it's kinda bad but it calms my insecurities. And also that's so big hearted of you to set aside the negativity your mom shows you, and to still take care of her. Your mom has no clue how lucky she is to have a daughter like you! I hope one day she realizes how much of a blessing you are in her life! ❤️
  14. Galaxy s7 it works awesome still! I wish it was smaller though the phones now a days are all to big for me to use one handed 😕 I am super hyped for that new razr coming out I hope they lower the price because a lot of people are saying it's going to be $1,500 O_o that's like more than my rent.... YIKES!
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