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  1. Hey I ain’t no homo
  2. What are the worst TV shows you’ve watched? For me, the absolute worst I’ve ever watched was Shadow Hunters, it was so bad. Once Upon a Time was also pretty bad after the first couple of seasons. Both of these shows are shows I only watched so that I would have something to complain about later.
  3. Breaking Bad House of Cards Better Call Saul Mad Men Mindhunter The Alienist Black Mirror The OA Spotless Orphan Black Ozark A Series of Unfortunate Events Stranger Things Fargo Bloodline BoJack Horseman Homeland Daredevil I could name more but I think that’s enough for now.
  4. I guess they never miss HUH
  5. If you liked Split and Unbreakable then you’ll like Glass. If you didn’t, then you won’t.
  6. The Epitome of Perfection: The Step-by-Step Guide To Being a Great Human Being Medium Rare: A Guide To Fine Dining & Perfect Timing
  7. Not a band but my friend Jan Terri is my favourite
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