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  1. "Gregnant" lol sounds like something Greg would say 😄
  2. Ghostii


    Is that from Daria? I used to love that show.
  3. No. Sperm cannot swim through clothing, Sperm exposed to air lose their ability to swim and can only live a few hours or less.
  4. Sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information
  5. Can you please react to this video? I think it would be funny if you dressed up as one of your female characters trying to act like a stripper like falling off a pole and another character in the video too.
  6. I love that song. All of my kids and I like K-pop. Now I'm listening to it 😄
  7. Okay. I'm sorry. I thought it was personally attacking me because people were talking about the community as a whole and idk if it helps any but in my DDLG relationship, I go as a little (age 5) to avoid very stressful situations as an adult. I will admit I do have unicorn pajamas that I wear some times & one time there was a guy who I met on IMVU who said & I'll quote "I want to F*ck you while you are wearing your unicorn pajamas". I ended that real quick because 1) that's disgusting & 2) I have 3 little kids and I don't need that pervert around my kids. Every time I go into little space, I don't do it around my kids because I need to try to be an adult around my kids & when I am in little space online or offline I make sure that if anyone bothers me and says bad things, that I find someone else to talk to and explain the situation as best as I can.
  8. This topic is offensive to me as I'm a little in a DDLG relationship. & DDLG is not about anything negative that y'all have said above.
  9. I was born with neuromuscular scoliosis which most people confuse this with regular scoliosis. Neuromuscular scoliosis affects my muscles in my back and my spine doesn't change as much as people who have scoliosis. I also have a high arch in my feet. & I was born with a heart murmur which I still have
  10. Take time to love yourself. Take yourself on dates, take yourself shopping or doing something fun. I know it's ideal to be with someone constantly, I know because I have dependent personality disorder but sometimes you need to step back and take care of yourself first. Your ex is a narcissist. I know because I've lived with one for almost 10 years. You need to get a protection from abuse order, contact a local shelter for victims of sexual abuse & domestic abuse, they will help you every step of the way in your recovery. They will also find a advocate to go to court with you to get these orders put in place so you don't have to do this alone. I'm here if you want to talk.
  11. Ghostii


    I just made this meme tonight. I know I'm not that good but I like it.
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