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  1. This is not about anyone but keeping Onision's loved ones safer. You can make it about anything you like, but reality remains the same.
  2. Patrons are planned to have all the Onision they desire. The rest of the world has what they need, nothing more.
  3. I appreciate that suggestion 🥴
  4. Because of recent events, Onision will only be reachable on http://patreon.com/onision This page will be managed by the character: Emo Charlie Onision himself is a character, but many people were unable to see that. The Onision character is retired. "Greg" or "Onision" responds to DMs and posts personal videos on Patreon regularly. People who have posted a ton to this site and funders/patrons etc can still reach Onision here as well: https://www.onision.com/forum/52-top-members-only/ Thank you.
  5. Everything that is posted by "Onision" can be turned into someone misinterpreting it and turning it into a police, CPS, animal control or otherwise call. It has happened countless times in the past, all bogus. If it's a public platform, there is no "Onision" ~ Not after all this. Onision remains on Patreon. This move results in the following: Loved one's: Safer Pets: Safer Onision: Safer Everyone: More private life, more peace, more happiness. To worry about people celebrating or not celebrating this move? Seems like it's not a really productive thing to do. If anyone wants to talk to Onision/see Onision vlogs etc, they'll be on Patreon. He's claiming his life back. Strangers online achieved this through lying/filing false claims against Onision that directly harmed his personal life - So of course it ends this way. That all said, the Onision channels will move forward. But the character "Onision" quit, for everyone who loves him in his real life, to benefit.
  6. Mmmm... Greg = personal, not as much a character as others. People do not get that Onision = character, therefore no more public “Greg” or “Onision”
  7. I’ll try to remember to have them returned to this site.
  8. Yeah, Patreon is the safest place there is at this point.
  9. Onision is only on Patreon now. Exclusive videos, Discord events, Skypes etc ~ Anything else simply puts him & his loved ones at risk in numerous ways.
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