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  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. Everyone doesn’t look great in some angles/lighting.
  3. Dishonest people just pick a narrative and run with it, no matter how silly. Meanwhile, I am an Onision character, so that’s one.
  4. You literally started a blog contributing to ruining someone’s life. It had no positive intention, it existed to hurt someone sadistically. You can’t make good on that.
  5. I think that you should not punish the person who “triggers perverted thoughts” and instead punish the pervert. Kinda obvious.
  6. Hypocrisy is in most all of us. Like a meat eating person who says they would never harm an animal.
  7. I’m so incredibly happy.
  8. Fact is, sometimes people in real life look cool smoking, sometimes they don’t. If it is honest, it can be shared, no?
  9. No, I’m saying Tumblr itself has no real use to me right now.
  10. Depends on the work load for the day.
  11. There is only one answer: Yes, if men can, then they can.
  12. Eugenia Cooney is a beautiful woman.
  13. Figured... thanks!
  14. Kai & Onision are pretty much incapable of trusting people online at this point. For obvious reasons.
  15. It is selective. Humans decide what jokes to take often based on the person who says it.
  16. I’m against. 1. Most the world is intact. 2. Ya feel more with more parts. 3. Partners like the increased sensitivity & lack in nerve damage. 4. You are technically bigger/not broken. 5. It’s every man’s own choice/basic human right.
  17. Benefits of Tumblr? Or unblocking?
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