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  1. Overall it's something I find enjoyable or relaxing, though there some types of videos I can't stand.
  2. For me it's probably a tie between Chloe Price (my big gay heart is forever bursting) ...
  3. Watching "I Taught Myself How To Do A Backflip In One Hour" made me sorta wish I stuck with gymnastics as a kid.
  4. Ah I love FFX! Sick screenshot btw; I still play my original PS2 copy so no fancy screenshots for me 😞 I'm assuming you took that from the remastered version?
  5. I've been stoked for The Last of Us Part II since it was announced, still eager for Naughty Dog to drop a release date though 😩 I'm also very much looking forward to Death Stranding (I can't wait to see all of Norman Reedus' performance in it!) and the FFVII remake as well.
  6. I'm naturally blonde so body hair has never been an issue for me, it's stayed soft and white my whole life. I do regularly shave my underarms, I'll sometimes shave my legs (like for special occasions and whatnot), and I'll trim the basement regularly but I never shave there. My skin is super sensitive and I'd rather not get ingrowns 😬
  7. I'd love to visit New Zealand someday, it's a beautiful country. Jerusalem/Israel is also on my bucket list, along with Iceland.
  8. Cis female, and I identify as a lesbian/queer; I strongly prefer women and afab nonbinary folks.
  9. Groovy username

    1. Unicorinne


      Omg how am I just seeing this now THANK YOU

  10. I've thought about it a million times over the past several years, and I attempted once during high school. The thought will still sometimes cross my mind, albeit more of an ideation than desire.
  11. There are many games that are near and dear to my heart, but my absolute favorite has to be The Last of Us. What about you guys?
  12. Agreed. I know the videos got a lot of hate from people ragging on Lainey/Kai's makeup skills, but the looks really weren't bad and not everyone is on par with the whole "MUA baddie" look anyway. It was refreshing to watch and felt a lot more casual and down-to-earth than most beauty channels I see. I feel like they were a lot more laid back in the Beautybot videos in general, compared to the ones on their Laineybot channel.
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