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  1. Hey, To be honest I'm not sure where this topic would go, and this is pretty much my first personal post; but I really need advice because google isn't helping me. I'm a 21 y/o female college student, just about to finish up my junior year. Today my dad was texting me about signing up for credit karma to raise my credit and that I should have done this when i first started college. Now I don't really feel comfortable getting a credit card, not now anyway. I don't have a stable job, I don't know a ton about the credit system since the American education system never taught me much about it and I don't have time to do the research, and I overall did not want one. He kept asking me for my email and SSN, and I ignored the messages after saying no and that I felt uncomfortable many times. I even told him that I would like to talk about it with him once I got home on the 15th of this month... which is a week and a half away. After I said that to him, he replied "All right nvm I'll do it myself. I'll start a new email for you. I don't understand any you don't trust me." He then proceeded to tell me about my score, the type of credit card I was verified for, and my card limit. Ending the messages with "You're on your way." Isn't this some kind of identity theft or something? I had a straight up panic attack over it already and I don't know what to do because, like I said, I felt very uncomfortable about it and said no multiple times and he still went through with it. Using my SSN and even creating a new email account to get me one because I refused to give him my personal ones. It's not like he has used the card (to my knowledge), since he just got it, but I don't even know the email or anything besides the type of card he got. Anyone got any advice..? TL;DR: My dad signed me up for a credit karma account, and then proceeded to apply for credit cards using an email he made under my name and my SSN, and ended up getting one after I said no multiple times. Is this a kind of identity theft? I don't know what to do...
  2. For type i wanna say steel/ghost or even psychic/electric. Steel/Dark because he's cool and collected and a realist; but also has a sense of mischievous humor. Psychic/electric because he knows, but has a sparky side you see in a lot of his videos. As for pokemon: or even
  3. i love my fire types so much send help
  4. well... P5 to the switch is galaxy brain, I've already played it but i 100% want to get it for switch, since i dont have my copy anymore animal crossing switch, even though we get no info on it because Nintendo wants us to suffer(: kinda scared for Luigi's Mansion 3 but stoked anyway POKEMON GEN 8 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (insert Reinhardt "i will be your shield" voiceline) I want to say im excited for Elder Scrolls 6 because we got hype a little while ago and then bethesda was like haha late 2020 guys chill out; and the fact that they didnt really show or release anything for it, not even a title really, so im mildly worried about what its gonna be like and look like. But honestly, from oblivion to skyrim was amazing improvement in graphics and gameplay (minus the bugs, but they can be hilarious so its forgiven in my opinion) so i cant wait to seeeee c:
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