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  1. First of all, let's not beat around the metaphorical bush ...wherever it is...? IDK where it's at..? ANYWAYS! I am a Muslim girl, yup, that I am? I know... I didn't realise it till someone asked me: "Your Muslim why are you obsessing over Onison?" And I said and I quote: "More Muslims should watch Onisons videos cos they're actually very inspiring, educational and motivating"emails Back in the days of my long lost and miserably missed youth, I stumbled upon Onisons video. Which one? Well... I can't really remember😅 But I'm sure it was something to do with either BPD or Death Note. Either way after that I think I watched almost all his videos on the span of 2 days (this was back when I was 17 and about to be hospitalised for my unspecified psychosis) Well my family weren't to happy bout it. They thought my attitude changed cos I watch OnisionSpeaks but that's not logical, is it? I mean, everything OnisionSpeaks said was and is logical... May be not everything but at least about some topics.🤔 Anyways Onison if ur reading this I hope it well and old don't ever stop making YouTube vids cos they really make my day! also ur fast paced speaking and epic outlook on things is amazing! And I'm sad that some ppl are hating on you!😤😅 anyways I don't know if ur gonna read this... I don't know if there are any other Muslim girls who watch Onison I don't even know if any one has ever had unspecified psychosis (my doctor once said she had to treat it as BPD cos she had no clue what it was😑) Like why do you EVEN HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE OF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT DIAGNOSING ME WITH! Legit only a few ppl IRL know I have psychosis and sometimes I do tend to hallucinate. I don't tel my family tho cos they always seem to think it has something to do with demonic activity. (Yes I know😅 MADTING!) Anyways enough about me aha what was the topic even about! Yooooo😱 If Onison reacts to this imma be SHOOKETH!😂 I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY GUYS! AND TO ONISON TOO! And it may come as a suprise to Many ppl. Yes, it surprised me too...😅 Are you ready for it...? Are you sure you can handle it? Well... I don't know if you can handle it but let's go for it shall we. *JUMPS OUT FROM BEHIND METAPHORICAL BUSH AND SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS!* ONISION IS THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER COS I THINK HE'S AWESOME!🤗 PEACE AND LOVE AND SMILE EVERYONE COS YOUR BEAUTIFUL!😄
  2. I'm soon sorry you went through all of that! You are so beautiful and kind and special and I think your an amazing person! I think your story is inspiring and that you have accomplished a lot! I think it's very true everything you said about living yourself. Sometimes I tend to think about others more than myself and that tires me. If you ever wanna talk of anything and about ANYTHING feel free to msg me! I have equity too much spare time! Your story isn't long btw it's INSPIRING and I think your gonna do some AWESOME Things in the future!🤗 Much love, Wehlia
  3. Yes you can! I will be going back to school in September hopefully ! Thanks for sharing ur story! It means a lot!👍🤗
  4. I love Vampire diaries! It’s the best! And thank you for sharing ur story it means a lot and is inspiring for me!❤️
  5. OH WOW! You posted on my post!😱 I love you so much thank you for sharing and I love ur vids btw❤️🤗
  6. I was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis when I was 17. I was hospitalized for 4 months and was on meds for at least 9 months. I stopped taking them after I lost all feeling to anything in life. Like I couldn’t register emotions so I was never happy or sad I was just “meh”😐 ykno? Pretty much depressed for over 2 years and gained so much weight. My parents took me back to Ethiopia 🇪🇹 for a bit and it helped a lot as I got to see my grandma and family so it was nice.🤗 ive gotten a lot better now, I’m volunteering at a youth club and it helps me a lot when I’m around others sometimes I get too hyped and my family of ppl I know tell me to calm down😤😪 That’s something which upsets me a lot... cos I feel their not acknowledging my progress. My question to you reading this is: Do you have mental health? If so how do you cope with it? And what’s your biggest struggle? Thanks for reading and have a nice day❤️🤗
  7. I was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis but my doctor said we had to treat it as BPD and I wasn’t too happy bout that. It doesn’t matter tbh, I have mood swings but I’m mainly just hyper and everyone just tells me to calm down but deep down it upsets me a lot. i used to be on meds but is stopped after 9 months cos i didn’t feel like myself tbh. My life has gotten better after I stopped caring what ppl thought bout me. its ok tho, don’t worry about it too much, if u ever need someone to talk to HMU ok? 🔥🤗❤️
  8. Skittles 🌈 probably😅 itll leave me with a sweet taste of the world lol wbu?
  9. Hi how are you today?🤗

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