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  1. Yes you can! I will be going back to school in September hopefully ! Thanks for sharing ur story! It means a lot!👍🤗
  2. Your story is amazing! Your amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it!🤗
  3. I love Vampire diaries! It’s the best! And thank you for sharing ur story it means a lot and is inspiring for me!❤️
  4. OH WOW! You posted on my post!😱 I love you so much thank you for sharing and I love ur vids btw❤️🤗
  5. I was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis when I was 17. I was hospitalized for 4 months and was on meds for at least 9 months. I stopped taking them after I lost all feeling to anything in life. Like I couldn’t register emotions so I was never happy or sad I was just “meh”😐 ykno? Pretty much depressed for over 2 years and gained so much weight. My parents took me back to Ethiopia 🇪🇹 for a bit and it helped a lot as I got to see my grandma and family so it was nice.🤗 ive gotten a lot better now, I’m volunteering at a youth club and it helps me a lot when I’m around others sometimes I get too hyped and my family of ppl I know tell me to calm down😤😪 That’s something which upsets me a lot... cos I feel their not acknowledging my progress. My question to you reading this is: Do you have mental health? If so how do you cope with it? And what’s your biggest struggle? Thanks for reading and have a nice day❤️🤗
  6. I was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis but my doctor said we had to treat it as BPD and I wasn’t too happy bout that. It doesn’t matter tbh, I have mood swings but I’m mainly just hyper and everyone just tells me to calm down but deep down it upsets me a lot. i used to be on meds but is stopped after 9 months cos i didn’t feel like myself tbh. My life has gotten better after I stopped caring what ppl thought bout me. its ok tho, don’t worry about it too much, if u ever need someone to talk to HMU ok? 🔥🤗❤️
  7. Skittles 🌈 probably😅 itll leave me with a sweet taste of the world lol wbu?
  8. Hi how are you today?🤗

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