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  1. Hi Greg, I got a major urge to contact you. I strongly share your hate towards the majority of people on Youtube - the lifeless sheep idiots that poo on their own brains. I mean the ones that bandwagon hate on you, and the people who drive the wagons, just for the sake of being cool or whatnot. You are the bright shining star in the blue sky cuz you're a truly genuine person and a very rare persona. I wish you never had to experience the negativity you've endured and still do. I'm sorry for it all, I hope you don't have to feel sad all the time. I admire you from head to toe for staying strong through the S●●●storms and I hope you never start to believe in the bs that the sheep give you. I respect you so much for your argumentation skills and the way you really do your research before giving a detailed opinion, AS ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SHOULD. I apologize for this incoherent text piece cus I'm rather sleepy atm. You're just so freaking awesome human I wish you were my neighbour, you would be the only neighbour I'd ever talk to (my people don't rly like neighbours). You remind me of Cillian Murphy and his angel eyes. If I could I'd hire you as my guardian angel. I get the feeling you have a pure soul. Purity is my favourite thing in people. You're most definitely very pure. I hope you age as well as Cillian Murphy does cus he's hot. You're very handsome too lol. I also adore your spouse, his aura is just so cute and you make such a sweet family. I hope I can someday become your patreon, I've got something stopping me atm but later on I will. I'm certain your content is top notch, cus it always is. The amount of effort you pour into your videos and art is so dazzling and I truly appreciate your hard work and commitment, you'd deserve so much more money LMAO. I hope you get everything you crave for. You deserve all the respect, appreciation and kindness for the warm heart you have and I wish I could give you a hug if you ever feel alone. Wow so disoriented path of text wow I guess it's fine. You're the funniest person cus you got that retarded humour I live for. Wow too many compliments. Well, it's because you need to hear from the speaker of truth that Panda God is awesome. I wish you'd dress up more in animal suits they suit you. Oh and just one other thing, Gregggggg, you're my favourite youtuber of all time. Have a great spring and day. 😸 BR. 21yo person from Finland
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