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  1. Hi Greg! I know you probably get a few messages about Eugenia but I was unsure if you had broached the subject about her mother having a mental illness? My mother is a certified psychologist and I showed her some of Eugenias videos and she agrees that there is obviously something wrong, and when the mother was introduced, mine immediately knew something was going on. She believes Eugenias mother has Mauchsisms by Proxy, as it would make quite a bit of sense. Youtube is based on views and subscribers right? And Mauchsisms is identified by the need for attention of caring for someone who is sick. It is a very severe disorder, but one that is likely her mother has. Another factor would be Eugenias brother, who is overweight, and from info I gathered, autistic, I'm not sure what level of function he has, but he still needs assistance to be cared for. The fact that her mother allows her to have a YouTube channel with how sickly she looks bothers me to no end, and while I know you've made countless videos on this, I just wanted to pipe up with some thoughts. My main reasoning for this is because my twelve year old niece and her eight year old sister watch Eugenia and, of course, want to be as skinny as her, and the twelve year old has started throwing up her food just so she can be skinnier. Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Kamryn Hawk
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