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    Hello...so, I had another account on here titled Lzzy11. Me and my friend Anna (she's on here too) had a little problem with another user who is no longer active on this forum. We were both allegedly handed out temporary bans for the problem..mainly because we were publicly arguing and this place is supposed to be for fun. So, anyways Anna got her account back a long time ago as you've probably noticed..mine has continued to not allow me to sign in and it says I'm banned. Now, I honestly don't feel like the argument I had with another user was enough to permanently ban me. To be honest, I even apologized to a mod for all the trouble because she said if we didn't stop we would get temporary bans (which we did stop and got banned anyways..which is kinda odd) So all this took place a long time ago..like over a month ago I think. I'm a supporter and fan of you and I enjoyed coming on this site..so it upsets me that I'm still banned. I made this account to ask you if it's ok if I continue to use this account, or if you can unblock the Lzzy11 account. 😊 Thanks, Lzzy
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