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  1. The first noble truth of Zen Buddhism is "to live means to suffer." Our desires are the root of this suffering. In order to stop suffering, it's important to get rid of all desires. It sounds like you are suffering from your wants. The want to no longer be bored. I would counter this belief by saying, how can you be bored? There is always something to do, especially with the internet available to you! There are always thoughts to consider, people to encounter, and beautiful things to see. If you have people who you want to live for, then you have people who would listen to you. Tell them that you are frustrated with your reality. Listen to what good ideas they can inspire in you about your life. If nothing else, know that many people feel similarly to you, and your ability to handle life only gets easier as you go on. I believe in you, and I'm certain you can find things to enjoy if you look hard enough.
  2. This is exactly how it feels for me. Sometimes, it's pictures of some point of view I will have eventually. They always happen, even if it is months later, and I usually recognize it's about to happen before it does. Whatever it is. PS. I hope this is how I respond. Still learning.
  3. I have had these types of dreams since I was young. I just wondered if anyone else had similar experiences.
  4. Charles Bukowski Spring Swan swans die in the Spring tooand there it floateddead on a Sundaysidewayscircling in currentand I walked to the rotundaand overheadgods in chariotsdogs, womencircledand deathran down my throatlike a mouse,and I heard the people comingwith their picnic bagsand laughter,and I felt guiltyfor the swanas if deathwere a thing of shameand like a foolI walked awayand left themmy beautiful swan.
  5. New and nice. Talk to me any time!

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