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  1. Oh good, I thought I was the only one that accidentally slaps random women in the crotch.
  2. When I was a wee lad, my cartoon crush was Queen Tyr'ahnee from Duck Dodgers. [
  3. Polaris9


    I think it would be an interesting experiment.
  4. I believe we were evolved from primates the way dogs were evolved from wolves. We are the creation of another species that is greater than us. I think this is the origin of our physical states. Nobody is born by accident. Spiritual energies(souls?) are attracted to a very specific body that is the material symbol of the spiritual energies undergoing "binding" and individuation. When we die, these energies leave us and seek a new matching manifestation to inhabit. This is the concept of reincarnation.
  5. From a non-American perspective, I'd actually say that's the American society to a T. While this may be an unpopular statement here, things like feminism and <whatever non-white race>-advocacy groups absolutely aim to baby certain groups and restrict things to the detriment of others. Just look at bill C-16 up here in Canada. Now I don't mean to spread hate or anything and I hope nobody misinterprets this comment as such. As to the topic...anyways, I'd say it depends on the illness and the severity thereof. Using myself as an example, I know that nobody is perfect. Even someone with a severe disorder is cannot be faulted. That being said, it isn't my fault either and I shouldn't be made to suffer for it. In the end, it would depend on what/how I can withstand. All relationships have pros and cons, and this would simply be another con. If the pleasures outweigh the encumbrances, then it is a worthwhile relationship like any other.
  6. To clarify, imagine somebody saying to you "I'm a Christian but I don't believe in God." Its the same thing.
  7. Anton LaVey based his teachings off of other Satanic sects alongside some of Nietzche's works. The thing though, is that he actually stripped out the spirituality from the core of Satanism. He tells others that the Gods don't even exist. For a relevant example, changing the name from "Satan's laws of the Earth" to "the eleven Satanic laws of the Earth".
  8. Aren't we all?

  9. Not actually far off. Most people without long-term goals find themselves in a spiral where nothing they do seems to matter. This leads to such low self-evaluations. For both you, I'd suggest making videos of what you really want and make them to your own satisfaction and pleasure. This will help you find peace and meaning within yourself. For Felix, find something larger than yourself and work towards it. Especially if your position within it has a noticeable impact, you will gain the satisfaction that you need. It really will help.
  10. Totalitarianism is where the government controls most/all aspects of your life. Communist doctrine advocates for a totalitarian state as its end goal to control and exploit the people and indoctrinate them to believe that it somehow benefits them. Communism is the worst possible state for a nation, far worse than even fascism.
  11. I'd have to give it a 2 or 3 as well, unfortunately.
  12. I don't see the parallel. How is it communistic?
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