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  1. The only thing that I have found as of recently is forcing myself into happiness AKA fake it til you make it. My depression is very much influenced by things that have happened in my life from childhood up until now but hey I move out of my parents house next month and i'm actually terrified. I am going to accomplish my life goals, I got accepted into a highly ranked art school. I was recently taken off anti-depressants because they had negative effects on me and I want to be happy, healthy again. One thing making me very happy is i saw a doctor today and for the first time in years my blood work was perfect, my weight was average and not severely under. and on top of it all my spine is straightening out lol. And all this to say when you're down remember to take care of yourself and the results will cheer you up.
  2. I have the chest of a 12 year old boy. Does this count? Should I get plastic surgery? all i'm asking for is a B or C cup (I cant fill an A) 😞
  3. By the way. Just realized I submitted my birthday i'm not a troll, I just have a very unfortunate birthday.  😞

  4. Hello. I have been diagnosed with major depression for a long 4 years now. No medicine or doctor seems to help. Any advice? (here's my face btw since i'm new here) Feel free to rate my appearance as well bc why not.
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