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  1. Ms(moms bf), cancer (to many family), mad cow disease (my grandma mom), sids (two casins), cardiac. There is to many i have lost.
  2. Cucumbers with ketchup. Pickles with penutbuter
  3. Well where to start guess my webbed toes. I have slightly pointed ears. I broke my ring finger and now have two knuckles. I dont think it counts but ill mention it i have two disks in my back that are pinching nerves. Oh i also have no arches in my feet so constant pain. My knees dose not have a normal cartilage. Mine is like a 0 when it is to look like a 8. My right knee also due to a car accident made my pheamer and putella to switch spots. Aka my knee pops in and out. Oh my joints dont always stay in socket so that is odd about me.
  4. One day people will see the harm they have done. Greg has love and knows there are people who hate him but he is strong to see past the hate and give us his ture sweet side. Greg knows life is crazy but in the end he knows who really is there for him and family.
  5. I dont eat much cheese case it dose not agree with me. But if i do i make grild cheese.
  6. I love salad. I eat it all the time
  7. What is your favorite food. Im looking to expand my tate buds and would love to try your favorite things.
  8. Hey just need ideas on what you may like to read.
  9. I understand you have been through so much. I also know people can be fake so thats why i came forward with my feelings. Thank you for your time.
  10. Okay I am starting a thing where i tell people my true feelings. So to start this i want to tell Greg since i was 16 years old i have had a crush/loved you. When Kai (sorry miss spell) came into his life i was shocked to see i had a crush on multiple people but just his honest heart came out and when i thought that they where getting a divorced i felt my own heart brake. So glad you worked out and stuck together. Im older then Kai but i could tell he had many years under his belt. Anyway im 25 years old and from being 16 this has been my longest feelings. I know plenty of people say things then go back on what they say or just looking for attention. I just need to let my feelings show so they dont eat away. Will Greg see this probably, do i think it will change lives no, but what i can say is this after writing this i feel better and hope Greg knows what ever crap he is facing to know that I care like many of you do. Do i know people tell him this evry day sure. Will they hurt him in the end? People have many faces and can show you it but in the end be just trying to hurt. I am a open book and will be frank i cant be fake it hurts me. I speak my mind when i get courage. So this being said i love you Greg and Kai. An i turly hope when the crap you guys are facing now will blow over and in the end we all meet. My life is small and i hate drama and can see into both your hearts the pain from all you face but the love you have is stong. Im sorry i better stop now you all are bord of reading the feelings of this girl. So thank you for reading and thank you Greg for letting us all in your life and family.
  11. I was born with the gift. Recently i was camping and i saw an elmental (sperit of the forest).
  12. Just wondering. I see things since i was little and i was rembering watching a video with Grag and i saw a thing in a vid of his. Has anyone seen or belive in ghost s.
  13. I hope this dose not bother you.
  14. If you are interested just dm me
  15. Thank you. If you or any one is interested i will be opening comistions soon.
  16. She just thinks im to young (25 years old). I also have blood pressure issues where it fluctuates to exstream or low to a point i faint. I am qualified for a service dog but they cost an arm and a leg. I also went into a coma like state a month back. I baby sit but im barley paid like i said. I live with my mom and grandma but i feel like a burden case i cant help my family like they help me. I want to start compositions but i have no idea what to price my art at. Im also afraid no one wants to buy my art. I guess i have paranoia. But back to my doctor she doesn't believe young people should be on disability. She said if i was missing a limb or if i had ms it be a different story. Im so discouraged i cant do anything unless its like my own business but thats hard in itself.
  17. I have fibromyalgia, roomatoyed arthritis, POTS syndrome, PTSD, Chronic Migraines, i also have more but i just cant name it all. I have tried getting a job but they said "im a helth risk." So there for i cant work. I have tried getting disability but my doctor refuse to sighn a paper. I have a youtube and i write books but it doesn't bring in the money i need for medication. I also am a person who hates taking all kinds of meds, i feel it kills the body. Any way any one else like me or know how to try and make things work better?
  18. Me at first con. I made my dress from a over size tang top.
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