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  1. Over sized tonsils , under developed kidneys and an over active aderianale glad....aka my body had no clue what the hecks its doing lol
  2. I have caught some part of this in myself too ( especially when I see their interactions with each other ) but on a diffrent scale. I was quick to adore Greg from the first video I saw becuase of the creativity and silly nature I found very endearing . Then I watched his more serious videos and saw some of his true heart ( or as least as much as he lets out for the public ) and I just wanted the best for this man . And to see him and Kai thrive together and their joking banter makes my heart warm. I am beyond happy they are happy and I would love to be a part of that . Not in a poly way ( I am married and he is only open to other female relationships so it would not be health for either couple (not saying it would ever happen in the first place ...wow I sound like a dweeb lol ) but to have them as friends would be amazing . Even without that I am just happy to watch them thrive and grow together 😃
  3. I love long haor on myself ( I dont think shirt hair fits the frame of my face very well) , but I absolutely adore short hair on other people. Ita something I really wish I could pull off with confidence .
  4. Thank you , cant wait to see some stuff from the rest of the community ☺
  5. Would love to see who else draws/ paints and see your guys work ! =) Below are a couple of my piece , cant wait to see others ! =)
  6. Yes, I haven't seen anything with the naked eye , but have heard some very interesting things and seen and personally caught some photos. I used to take part in a ghost hunting community on youtube.
  7. I first got hooked on the comedy ( the character sketches and 10 things series have always crack me up 😃 ) Then I grew to love his open honestly and how passionate he is about what he stands for. Even tho I don't always agree with his opinions 100% I still respect and love the fact that he can stand by them as he dose. He has such unique insights about the world around us and it can be eye opening if not at the very least get me considering things in new lights.
  8. When your tired but not sleepy -.- 

  9. I got it quite frequently when I was a child , but not very much since. It can be awful I remember getting beyond worked up because I would try to call out to someone , but couldn't speak, and then would freak out more, by the time I snapped out of it I would be in full blown tears. Not really sure any specifics of what changed to where is stopped happening , other then time and getting older . The older I got the less it happened.
  10. I used to have dreams that were very clearly bad (like something bad or unsettling actually happened ) quite often .But as of late I keep having these nights where I will have what seems to be a mundane dream, just jumbled messes of everyday events. Yet I wake up shaken as if the dream was bad or unsettling. I have no clue why , I just wake up with a jump start and a sinking feeling , then take a moment and be like...wait why has a weird dream about not being able to find the snack isle messed me up so bad lol.
  11. Earlier this week I fell asleep re-watching some uh-oh bro videos and had a dream I caught him talking to/ getting mad at a window, and he couldn't hear me asking what he was doing lol Weird how the brain tries to explain noises it hears as you sleep lol🤷‍♂️
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