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  1. People that like you don't always respect you. People that respect you don't always like you. It's rare to find people who both respect you and like you. Coincidence? Unlikely. Mystery? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago.
  2. I cannot express how much I adore "Detention" and "Devotion" by Red Candle games. They are so, SO well done. They're both supposed to be horror games set in Taiwan around the 1960's, but the horror aspect comes secondary, honestly. The games are very, VERY story-centric so there comes a point in both of them where you are less scared and more interested in piecing together what on earth is going on. Unfortunately, Red Candle pulled down Devotion from Steam and they themselves are in hiding because some Chinese players started giving them trouble over an Easter Egg in the game. Apparently, there was in-game art that compared the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, with Winnie the Pooh, something that is apparently punishable by law. As a result, you can't find copies of Devotion legally anymore, but there are plenty of pirated versions of the game online. They've been gone for a while now, too, so some people are speculating that they might not come back due to the controversy. Detention, however, is still online and can still be bought on Steam. I'll be honest, I have a bought copy of Devotion, have played it multiple times, and have yet to find the Xi Jinping/Winnie the Pooh art/comparison in the game. It's either very well hidden or I am just stupid and can't find it to save my life.
  3. TL;DR: In the end, it's up to the mod/Onision what he should do in this situation. (I also apologize in advance if this response is perceived as annoying, it wasn't my intention. It's just the way I usually write things.) Playing devil's advocate here: True fan or not, strange or not, done to get more attention or not, perhaps deleting their account isn't such a bad idea. A person does not need to keep their account active, of course, but keeping an account that the owner does not plan on using again is a bit of a waste, isn't it? Dead accounts taking up space that should not be taken, lest a new member were to show up. On the other hand: An inactive account would hardly take up any space, and the internet has a short memory when it comes to things like this. Give it a week and everyone will forget about this incident in the first place. The account will be forgotten in the Abyss where most things forgotten go. Not to mention that if he deletes the account, it could be considered a win for them. They got your attention. You did what they asked. They got what they wanted. In situations like that, it would bother them far more if they are not given the time of day. My personal opinion: I do not have enough information to judge on the situation. The message itself is rather confusing, so trying to side with a coherent opinion is a bit difficult.
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