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  1. No, my name is Ella not Ally. Yep. And I'm 25 but this thread isn't about me so...
  2. Gosh, I didn't realize there was a thread already, I'm so not a forum person 😧 Anyway, I posted these links in my first thread but I'll share them here as well. This is Eugenia from a couple of weeks back: https://www.cameo.com/v/P7hdEPXZshttps://www.cameo.com/v/F7wjWe2Zo In her newest videos she doesn't show much of her body but you can see her face/neck... she isn't looking healthy at all. She is withering away right in front of us. She has such a bright and lovely personality but she is dying and I don't understand how the people around her are okay with this. Knowing there is help available, yet watching her get sicker and sicker, I feel so helpless.
  3. Hello. I'm not a subscriber but I remember seeing one of your videos regarding Eugenia Cooney before. It was very concerning but like you said, what else can we do when Eugenia herself is in denial and nobody arounds her irl seem to care? :/ A couple of weeks back I checked out Cameo, a website where people can ask for shoutouts/personalized videos of celebrities, and imagine my surprise when I found Eugenia Cooney on there. At the time, these two were her latest videos: https://www.cameo.com/v/P7hdEPXZs https://www.cameo.com/v/F7wjWe2Zo She has since then uploaded new ones but you can tell by her face, she needs help. This is NOT healthy thin, this is NOT healthy skinny. Christ, the girl is DYING right in front of us. This is terrifying and I'm at a loss for words. Why isn't her family intervening? How is this allowed to go on? Everyone needs help for various reasons at some point in their life, there is nothing wrong with that, and Eugenia is DYING and I'm absolutely flabbergasted why nothing is being done by those around her!
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