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  1. Lol, I'm the only one keeping this thread alive, it seems. I'm still excited to go to Pride this year. Our local Pride falls on the 30th and it's in the Seattle area! I've already got my outfit all ready and we convinced some of our friends to go with us this year. @Onision , were you and Kai going to go to pride this year? I don't remember Kai saying that you two were going, but it'd be cool to run into you two if you were!
  2. unbrit


    To each their own, I suppose, but it'd be interesting to see you taking how you manage your Twitter and doing it on other social media platforms like Tumblr. But no problem
  3. With pride coming up around the US, I figured I'd bump this thread back up. I'm planning to go with my boyfriend and some friends (provided the plans don't fall through on their end). I plan on getting matching shirts with my boyfriend to go to pride this year, too, so it'll be pretty rad going this year! Anyone have plans to go to their local Pride parade this year? Where at, if you don't mind me asking as well?
  4. unbrit


    I think that Xkit makes Tumblr more usable. It disables ads, mutes people, find inactive followers, limit how many blogs you see on your dash, hide suggested blogs, etc. With what I suggested earlier, though, if you do happen to unblock everyone, you won't have to see them with the features found in Xkit. You can also add usernames in a blacklist or whitelist feature that they have as well so you don't have to see the hater blogs in your tag on Tumblr. I've had to do that with a few blogs that my friends reblog from so I don't see the content due to unrelated reasons. What's the worst that can happen if you install it? If you feel that you don't need it or like it, you can just uninstall it and be done with it, I suppose, but I feel that it's pretty helpful.
  5. unbrit


    To each their own, but like Jinxxx said, they have Xkit available for other browsers as well, so it's worth looking into at the very least! It's helpful with some of the broken UI stuff on Tumblr as well, if nothing else
  6. unbrit


    That may be true, but the Xkit extension is super helpful for Tumblr and, even if you unblock your haters, you can just use some of the features to make sure you don't see them pop up on your dashboard. I made an informal image of some of the features I use and some that might help you. I don't see too many hater blogs show up on my dash, so I don't have some of these features installed. Guess I just follow the right people, haha :) But it's still up to you if you'd like to use these features/download Xkit or unblock your haters
  7. unbrit


    You can always download the Xkit extension (I know it's on Chrome, but not sure if it's available for other browsers) and the have a feature to get rid of suggested blogs and ads and various other nice and helpful features, so you could always do that if you don't want to see hateful blog be suggested if you do end up unblocking people. I just tend to ignore the hateful blogs since I don't really keep too close an eye on drama in general Though I know that Twitter also suggests hateful Twitter accounts as well, so you really cannot escape them, unfortunately 😞
  8. The remaster of CTR, Death Stranding, Borderlands 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Catherine: Full Body, Yakuza 5, and The Outer Worlds are what come to mind
  9. Hmm, Alolan Raichu or Leafeon are my picks, but there are a lot of other good ones!
  10. unbrit


    I was just curious if you'd unblock your haters like you did on Twitter on other social media accounts like Tumblr or Instagram? It'd be interesting, but obviously you don't need to do it. I'm curious to know what you think of this idea and why you would or wouldn't do it and see the results if you do, if you'd like to share :)
  11. Humble Bundle is also featuring a software bundle for Vegas Pro 15, along with a few other programs. This is a good chance to get these programs for incredibly cheap! I got these during the first wave of this bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-even-more-rebundle
  12. I occasionally browse the Humble Bundle bundles and they have this really neat bundle that helps you write better! I don't know how many are aspiring writers here on the forums, but there are some really helpful books in this bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/write-like-a-writer-books
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