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  1. To each their own, but like Jinxxx said, they have Xkit available for other browsers as well, so it's worth looking into at the very least! It's helpful with some of the broken UI stuff on Tumblr as well, if nothing else
  2. That may be true, but the Xkit extension is super helpful for Tumblr and, even if you unblock your haters, you can just use some of the features to make sure you don't see them pop up on your dashboard. I made an informal image of some of the features I use and some that might help you. I don't see too many hater blogs show up on my dash, so I don't have some of these features installed. Guess I just follow the right people, haha :) But it's still up to you if you'd like to use these features/download Xkit or unblock your haters
  3. Pizza, it's pretty versatile and you can put just about anything on it
  4. You can always download the Xkit extension (I know it's on Chrome, but not sure if it's available for other browsers) and the have a feature to get rid of suggested blogs and ads and various other nice and helpful features, so you could always do that if you don't want to see hateful blog be suggested if you do end up unblocking people. I just tend to ignore the hateful blogs since I don't really keep too close an eye on drama in general Though I know that Twitter also suggests hateful Twitter accounts as well, so you really cannot escape them, unfortunately 😞
  5. The remaster of CTR, Death Stranding, Borderlands 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Catherine: Full Body, Yakuza 5, and The Outer Worlds are what come to mind
  6. Hmm, Alolan Raichu or Leafeon are my picks, but there are a lot of other good ones!
  7. I was just curious if you'd unblock your haters like you did on Twitter on other social media accounts like Tumblr or Instagram? It'd be interesting, but obviously you don't need to do it. I'm curious to know what you think of this idea and why you would or wouldn't do it and see the results if you do, if you'd like to share :)
  8. Humble Bundle is also featuring a software bundle for Vegas Pro 15, along with a few other programs. This is a good chance to get these programs for incredibly cheap! I got these during the first wave of this bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-even-more-rebundle
  9. Btw, @Onision how did you get into My Hero Academia, anyway? It's such a cool series and I was wondering about how you came across it!
  10. unbrit


    Nice! I just joined and I'll try and be more active there! Hopefully it'll fill up soon, causes this is a good idea, thanks
  11. I had my ears pierced but not no more. I do want a few tattoos, though, but I'm still thinking about placement for them. Mostly video game related ones!
  12. Toga or Twice, as far as villains. Heroes, it's gotta be Tsuyu.
  13. Hmm... It's less about someone claiming their an ally and more that those who talk over people in the LGBT community who claim that they're an ally end up just invalidating those who they are trying to stand up for. Again, I'm all for straight and/or cis people who are actually allies for the cause. It's not right to shut out those sorts of people who stand next to people in the LGBT community. But I'm not here for people who decide to stand in front of those in the LGBT community and speak over them and pretend they know the struggles that go on. I've seen it and experienced it first hand and it's more tiring dealing with them sometimes than anti-LGBT people. At least I can predict what stupid things an anti-LGBT person will come up with and deal with that as it comes since it's just a handful of things, comparatively. With people who decide to talk over the community, it's a mixed bag of "Well, I thought you wanted allies" to "you're oppressing me right now, I'm just trying to help" to "you're being homophobic against your own community" and various other things that they seem to be reaching hard for and they have a wide range of excuses.
  14. My first suggestion is echoing a few others: If you're concerned that you may have depression or any other mental illness, go see a doctor and get diagnosed. That'll help you in the long run. Don't just tough it out and not seek help since you don't often do it in your day to day life, that just hurts you and makes things more difficult. As far as the actual question: Generally speaking depression doesn't go away. Some people have good days and bad days and the good days make it seem like it's gone away, but it hasn't. There is also a thing called Seasonal Depression (now classified as Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is what it says on the tin; depression that comes during different seasons, primarily late fall/winter where the sun isn't out as much. But, no matter what kind of depression you have, it usually doesn't just go away.
  15. There's a difference between standing with and speaking with the LGBT community and assuming that you know what's best and talking over them, like Mae said. Allies are fine and welcome to help boost the cause, but I know I've seen some people talk over those they're trying to help and it's cringey, to say the least.
  16. I'll show off my new computer rig area. I just got it set up in the last few weeks and I think it looks nice. Two pictures since one looks a little better than the other. I'll upload my Macbook later, but it's just as covered in stickers
  17. Oof, big yikes indeed. I think I have this person blocked so I didn't see it in the tag when I looked the other day. I thought that it would be a nice idea but if they're baiting you, it's just weird
  18. Soda, but they apparently call it pop where I currently am and it drives me up a wall
  19. I have mild scoliosis that you couldn't tell I had unless I pointed it out. It bugs me every great once in a while, but I'm usually fine and it doesn't impede my ability to do things. Other than that, that's it
  20. There was someone who discovered a fourth ending in a video game that wasn't programmed in. It was some kinda self learning glitch in Event 0, it's talked about in this article, but it does contain spoilers for the game. Funny enough, it's a game about talking to an AI
  21. lol, on that topic, since it's still related, I think that people getting those cat headphones aren't looking for quality and are getting it for aesthetics. I have a friend who has a pair and got them for that reason. I also someone who had them in my building at work who works for a different company.
  22. I actually taught myself some HTML because of my Livejournal days. Same with trying to make gifs (blinkies are what they were called in come communities, if I recall) and my own icons. I had someone gift me a copy of Photoshop CS2 and it was so rad making my own profile icons. I only miss Yahoo's IM service becuase of all the cool animated features it had. I think I used AIM more, but I also has MSN Messenger because some friends only had that, for some reason...
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