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    That sounds awful! I know there are some in the LGBT community (who I personally stay away from) who don't like it when cisgender straight people show up. But you don't know if they're together with someone who is trans or bi or something or just an ally who is there in support of someone or just the community as a whole. It's kind of demeaning to just admonish anyone not part of the LGBT community. I went with friends and we had a blast and no one tried gate keeping or saying that straight people are the devil or some such. It's dumb to try and get rid of people who support you, y'know? Unless they're The Straights ™ who hate LGBT people, then you can S●●● on them, lol
  2. Pizza, you can customize it however you want and it's basically limitless customization at that
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    Does anyone go to their local Pride parades? I know that Pride isn't until June (at least for most of the US), but I was curious! I've only gone once and that was after I moved a few years ago (before my boyfriend moved up with me) and I went with friends and had a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I are planning to go this year, though, but we'll see how our plans shake out then. I even started planning it out with some cute LGBT pins (I've gotten a few Bi Pride pins that I'll use on a bag I bought), so I'm excited! And what is everyone's experience at their local Pride parades? Or, if you haven't gone, would you like to and why/why not?
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    PC or MAC

    I like PC for gaming and I can use my Mac for my artsy stuff. I can always use my PC as backup for my artsy stuff, though, since the programs I have can be used cross platform.
  5. What seasonal anime have you all been watching? What looks interesting that you haven't watched yet this season? Have you dropped any of the series' that you've been watching? Here's a list for the winter anime: https://myanimelist.net/anime/season/2019/winter Spring list: https://myanimelist.net/anime/season/2019/spring and the general list: https://myanimelist.net/anime/season I'm watching The Promised Neverland/Yakushoki no Neverland, The Rising of the Shield Hero/Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Dororo, Kakegurui xx (season 2), Boogiepop Phantom/Boogiepop wa Warawanai, 3D Kanojo: Real Girl season 2, My Roommate is a Cat/Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue, Morose Mononokean/Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime/Tensei S●●●ara Slime Datta Ken There are some things that I need to catch up on, though, like some OVAs, but that's what I'm currently watching. Most of these are ending soon, though I ended up dropping W'z and Virtual-san wa Miteiru just because I just didn't like the animation styles and they weren't really that entertaining to me. As for next season, I'm excited for One Punch Man season 2, new Fruits Basket, Bungou Stray Dogs season 3, and Carole and Tuesday, and the movie Kimi to, Nami Ni Noretara, for sure. RobiHatchi, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fairy Gone, sound interesting enough for me to at least start them
  6. I think that some people just don't want to be in a relationship and want to freedom to sleep around (while doing it safely). I don't fault them for it if that's how they wanna live their life. Sometimes there is an emotional attachment that forms, though, so I could see how FWB could get messy. Though some people agree to start off as FWB to see where it goes and that's also fine. It's really all about communication, just like in any other kind of relationship, be it platonic or romantic or, in this case, s●●ual. That all being said, FWB isn't for me, lol
  7. Cheesecake is great, I also love cookies and cream and cookie dough ice cream. And I agree with Italian sweets, they're so good!
  8. I feel like you're maybe blanketing your feelings about what has happened to you on others who happen to be friends with their ex. I know other adults who are older (over 40) who are friends with an ex or two with no issues. It may not be common, but it's a thing that happens. Everyone has their own experiences with their exes and those experiences are different for everyone. Sometimes, you just will not get along with any of your exes and that's alright.
  9. I'm friends with one ex, we ended things on a good note. But since the two of us are in committed relationships with other people, our partners aren't worried. Plus, we figured that we work better as friends rather than being in a romantic relationship. I'm comfortable and secure enough in myself and my relationship to not ruin it or put unnecessary stress on myself or my partner and he respects that and is fine with me still being friends with one of my exes. I mean, it's not far-fetched to not want to s●● with your exes after you've broken up with them, though. Most of my friends similarly either don't talk to their exes or have remained friends with them with no indication of wanting to 1) get back together with them or 2) have s●● with them after they've already broken up.
  10. It depends on the situation and what is being said. I have said some things that I have regretted due to being hot head, but there have been times where I've said something that people might take as rude and not regretted it because someone was being a jerk.
  11. Ex #1: Nothing but pure hatred at what he's done to me Ex #2: We're still buddies and talk often Ex #3: Nothing, tbh. We just drifted apart and don't talk Ex #4: Again, nothing as we don't talk to each other now. My relationships haven't been awful, generally, so *shrugs*
  12. Uh, well, my first ex made up this wild story of how I cheated on him and S●●● and dumped me after doxing me. This is after all the other dumb S●●● he did during the relationship, too
  13. Nautical S●●● is my jam, so I like the weird creatures of the ocean. My boyfriend, however, is not so keen on the things that dwell too deep in the ocean, lol
  14. Tell her what your boundaries are and that it's not okay for her to keep walking all over you. And, if she doesn't like that answer, bail out of the friendship.
  15. Also, I just wanted to add that I don't want to start any sort of fictionkin discourse, as it stands. This isn't really a post to get into that, specifically. But I do know some fictionkin and they think that factkin (what this user is doing by kinning Kai) is unhealthy as well. I had discussed with them prior to posting so it wouldn't come off too awful sounding.
  16. @Onision I was wondering what you thoughts are of a user on Tumblr who was kinning Kai? They go by Laineybotkinn (their tumblr link) and they say that they inherited the Lainey persona from Kai after Kai had stated that they (he?) IDs as transmasc. I think it's really unhealthy and I feel you or Kai should reach out to this person and see if they're okay. If you don't know what kinning is, I took this from a user from Tumblr user fictkinhelp (their FAQ) : what is otherkin? I didn't know where to put this, so I hope here is a good place!
  17. I have an LG G6 (android), but I'm looking to upgrade when I can to a phone I can use a stylus on for art related things.
  18. I love the Onion Head gifs! I remember seeing them forever ago and I had them saved on my old computer. And I promise that that's the name of the character https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/onion-tou More of the little Onion Head gifs http://emoticoner.com/emoticons/onion-head
  19. While I don't mind my Macbook (even though it's starting to die and it about 10 years old at this point since I needed it for school), I much prefer PC. There's so much more that you can do with it. I use a PC at work and I have a PC that was bought for me as a gift, but I like how customizable PCs are as long as you have the correct virus protections in place and keep up with doing sweeps of your stuff. The only time I ever ran into problems with my old PCs was due to myself and clicking on dubious links as a kid and getting viruses/malware/etc on them. I feel a lot of problems that people run into on PC are user generated problems. Though, as Lilith said, Macs are pretty idiot proof, so it's harder to really mess up on a Mac as opposed to a normal PC. There is also the benefit that you get the current OS for free. There are some things that I've run into that are harder to do on Macs vs PC, though, as it takes a few more steps to do certain things and Macs aren't compatible with certain programs and games that I like to use.
  20. I think, at that point, it depends on where you are in the US. Because where I used to live and where I currently live, the McDonald's have dedicated fry fryers. But that might not be standard across all fast food joints, even if it's the same brand name place. There are a lot of variables that come into play at that point and, sometimes, it's because of the franchisee and not the company who decides to do things. Of course, I believe that they have to get approval, first, but if it's beneficial for the business, they go for it. Also, I'm pretty sure that it's law in some places that employees need to wash their hands between touching meat and non-meat products, but most employees don't. Some will use gloves and do glove changes, but that's also super dependant on what restaurant you're even at.
  21. PETA is, imo, a terrible organization and I'm sure that there are other vegan/vegetarian organizations that are far better. That aside, I don't think that the fries have ever been fried in the same vegetable oils that their meat products have been fried in, at least not in the last few decades. I've always seen a dedicated fry fryer, even when I was little. There's a chance that they were in the '80s, probably, but not any more recent than that. Here's two sources I pulled up about it that's not biased like PETA: https://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=93386&page=1 and https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/casual/why-mcdonalds-french-fries-used-to-taste-a-lot-better/ar-BBJk8mW EDIT: as for being vegan/vegetarian and supporting businesses that also serve meat: It's going to be really had to find a lot of places that are just vegan/vegetarian unless you're near a big city, I'd assume. So, you kinda have to bite the bullet on that one, unfortunately.
  22. My current relationship is about 7 years now
  23. Played tennis for a couple years, it was fun. I was mostly in clubs, though, and didn't play too many other sports unless it was required for gym class.
  24. I had heat rash on my neck and used some topical gel and it made it worse. I think it was hydrocortisone that I was allergic to, but I used it recently for another allergic reaction to pine needles and it didn't make things worse, so it's weird. I guess I was just allergic to it when I was younger and grew out of the allergy to hydrocortisone.
  25. It depends on who is on the ticket, but it'll probably be whoever happens to be the Democratic opponent to Trump because I don't think we'll last another 4 years with him.
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