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  1. Ann_B98

    How many languages can you speak?

    I speak English, Swedish, German, Romanian, Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish kinda fluently (tldr parents work positions lasted only 4 year max per country, so guess who got dragged around haha).
  2. today is a soup day, and by soup I mean Beer

  3. Ann_B98

    The healing properties of crystals

    That is super interesting, I guess I know what I will be reading this evening! Weird question that I don't know how to word, are the natural powers of angel aura compromised by stuff like AA being quartz treated with other metals? How do the properties infuse, or is the power a part of the aesthetics? sorry if its a weird question
  4. Ann_B98

    The healing properties of crystals

    How many crystals do you have @LizardQueen , you seem very knowledgeable in this all! What are your favourite crystals n do you have a collection of them? Whats the best way to store them so they dont lose their properties? Are there like rituals/habits to make best use out of them? 🙂
  5. Ann_B98

    Recommend Netflix Shows!

    THESE ARE SO GOOD! I am so pissed off that I can't watch them either rn, netflixes outside of US have such trash selection for real... Can't wait to get back and binge watch (one of my cousins is getting married abroad and guess who had to attend)
  6. Ann_B98

    Most Attractive Video Game Character

    hahaha omg this is why i love you, you are so funny
  7. Ann_B98

    What Game Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?

    Rance IX The Helman Revolution
  8. Ann_B98

    Has Anyone Had The Same Experience As Me?

    It was, he quit after he got a visit from coppers. After that I was his crazy ex though lol who he totally dumped
  9. a bottle of coke can have such a different meaning depending on the setting.

    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      How about Gatorade?

  10. is life just a simulation or are we all depictions in a second rate fanfic?

    1. Cloudy


      If it is, I hope it's a shipping fanfic so I can get my romance on.

    2. Ann_B98


      me too, I ship Mike Pence and the pope!

  11. Ann_B98

    What would you do to the person above you?

    Oh girl that is a good one! Haha you are totally invited now too to the Bob Ross party!
  12. Ann_B98

    Whats the best death note episode?

    I decided to make a poll based on what I think are the best episodes of death note! Which one is your favourite?? If you can, explain the reason for your choice. Let's see if you guys got good taste lol!
  13. Ann_B98

    Word Association

  14. Ann_B98

    The worst date you have ever been on?

    OMG Diana I have such a similar experience. I went on a date on Tinder with a 34 year old dude last year. I show up n we order in food, I accidentally drop some Chinese on the carpet. He freaks out about how he doesn't live there, instead he borrowed his friends flat because he lives actually in another town??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. Ann_B98

    Has Anyone Had The Same Experience As Me?

    Yeah, my last ex. When I dumped him last year, he sent me 300+ messages in a few months, made new IG's to stalk mine so I had to stop using it and changed his number a few times to harass me. Then he one night started sending me sobbing voice messages on how I was perfect and he was so happy with me and he missed all the things we did together. He went on how happy he was to go on all these adventures w me and ranted how much he missed when I spontaneously showed up n we took a roadtrip few states over. It was all about stuff I had done for him and I realised he was harassing n stalking me because he had idealized the idea of me n how I was like. It was really fucking creepy and problematic lowkey, because to him I wasnt a human with needs and wants. Instead I was supposed to live to do things that would make his life fun n exciting.

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