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  1. Shane made a post on YouTube saying that it was a joke because back then he was trying to make edgy jokes because that's what people use to like. I don't give a f●●● if it was a joke, S●●● like that is NOT funny in the least bit. How is saying something like that supposed to be funny? I don't think that it was a joke and that he's just trying to cover his own ass for the S●●● he's said.
  2. 🤒 really not feeling good right now, feel hot but have the chills 🤒

  3. I really want to play that game, it looks so cool! I bet he had a great time too, such a good game to play with kids. 😊😊
  4. Sitting at work listening to Led Zeppelin and waiting to clock in at 6 and feeling like death warmed over yay. Ugh really don't want to be here today.

  5. I wonder if I can get away with listening to The Doors at work...🤔🤣

  6. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I think that it's something really important that should be brought to everyone's attention. Please give it a look, it's something that everyone should know about I think, especially if you or anyone you know has videos of kids on their YouTube.
  7. It's currently -12 and feels like -28 and I'm walking home from work Fuck I'm cold 🤣🤣
  8. Mine is a bunch of asmr and people reading, classical music, soft soothing music, stuff like that lol
  9. Angry Angry by John Paul Jones
  10. I like most everything, it all depends on my mood
  11. I have no idea, I've never dated anyone who is romantic before 🤣🤣 ahhh I made myself sad lol
  12. Caffeine, sushi, still get cravings for cigarettes at stressful times, music, comics, YouTube, writing, and rice, I love rice XD
  13. Nope, don't have the money for it and don't think I would even if I did, I use to smoke but quit because I didn't want to disappoint my mom since she didn't want me to
  14. I don't want to adult today

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