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  1. Aristotle

    What is most important in a partner?

    Honesty and good communication...ability to grow as a person and change negative habits.
  2. Aristotle

    Grossest Thing You Have Eaten

    Anything Lobster related.
  3. Aristotle

    Favorite TV Show and Why?

    Real life is too real sometimes, why not see some comedic relief and supernatural stuff 😄
  4. Aristotle

    What Sports Did You Play In School?

    My mom never let me color my hair when I was younger, so from 20-23 I decided that I could do as I liked and colored my hair blue, red, purple, brown, auburn - I'm a natural dirty blonde (or well used to be) so I wanted to get as many extremes as possible. Then I got my job....and had to go back to my natural color -_- soooo boring.
  5. Aristotle

    What Sports Did You Play In School?

    I wasn't athletic, unless you consider fighting with bullies and kicking their ass a sport.
  6. Aristotle

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Your son is ABSOLUTELY adorable!
  7. Aristotle

    Word Association

  8. Aristotle

    Two Truths And A Lie

    I actually do have 11 cats, haha.
  9. Aristotle

    Word Association

    Cosmos Cosmos
  10. Aristotle

    Word Association

  11. Aristotle

    Word Association

  12. Aristotle

    Word Association

  13. Aristotle

    Post a Quote You Love

    Cinderella Story? - But I believe this is a Babe Ruth quote.
  14. Aristotle

    Post a Quote You Love

  15. Aristotle

    What is the worst lie anyone has ever told you?

    Oh god...I'm so sorry.

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