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  1. spongebob squarepants GIF

    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      yay.  happy birthday.

  2. Me too. I have read some theories about Bran being The White Walker.
  3. Nice name... You have guts! Haha

  4. is there a reason why I am not getting an answer?
  5. Hi! I have been watching you for 5 years now, and I wanted you to know that you are doing a great job making me laugh. I am from Serbia. There is a popular Serbian youtuber influenced by you, called Yasserstain. Soon I have to buy a new jacket and I really liked the blue one that you wear in Do you want to build a snowman video, but I can't find similar using Google search, can you tell me where can I find it?
  6. I have a skin disease called vitiligo. I think that about 2% of the population has it.
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