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  1. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

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  2. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    What is most important in a partner?

    kindness, loyalty, trust, communication, humor is a big plus Idk different good traits.😊
  3. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Positive Messages For Eugenia Cooney

    Stay strong, get well proud for you. Wishing you a full recovery best wishes. ❤️
  4. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Do You Vape? Why or Why Not?

    I don't vape/smoke, I have heard a lot about how it is not good for your health. They say that it is as bad as smoking, the kind with nicotine/without nicotine. Idk it's cool if you do, it's cool if you don't everyone has their reason why/why not. I don't have a reason to judge anyone to each their own. ✌️😊
  5. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

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  6. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Favorite TV Show and Why?

    @Taraaf Yea, british comedy is awesome. The Mighty Boosh is awesome. I would suggest to check out some of Noel Fielding's live stand up too. To anybody who doesn't know who Noel Fielding is or The Mighty Boosh check it out. 👍😊
  7. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Song Titles A - Z (Minus Q,X,Z)

    Upside Down
  8. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Let's play Would you Rather

    I would rather be loved. Would you rather live without the internet or live without ac and heating?
  9. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Letter Play

  10. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

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  11. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Where do you prefer to live?

    For me country is too quiet, and the city is too busy. I like where I am right now access to the city right outside of it. If I had to pick something different for a change of scenery I would love to be near water. ✨✨✨😊
  12. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Word Association

  13. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Favorite TV Show and Why?

    @Taraaf I loved that show, the IT Crowd was so funny. Noel Fielding who plays Richmond, he's awesome very funny in my opinion a show that got lost in the sauce if you will. I would suggest to check it out, especially if you like british comedy shows. 😊
  14. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

    Favourite wild animal?

    I like kinkajous (pictured here) I also like llamas and lemurs. All different kinds of wild animals, but those are my faves. I like any kind of exotic/rare wild animals. 😊
  15. alexsis.dimarzio@yahoo.com

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