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  1. honestly probably Emo Charlie
  2. Okay to be honest I've been watching her for a while now and i like the fact she gets new clothes, puts effort (especialy beore) into her looks, actually can look kinda cute but of course she isn't very good at loosing weight but at this point she is getting scared so I'm sure all the hate and videos of people pointing every one of her mistakes isn't gonna help her. Also major issue with her relationships. I'm happy she is so supportive of the LGBT community but she has mentally and emotionally abused all of her ex so that's shitty af. They give her a home, money and love and she just ruins their lives. She needs a professional who makes a weight loss plan for her and Becky because if she is by her self she wouldn't do it at all and she needs some psychological help as well because her parents and brothers are addicts and she has a food addiction so she definitely needs some counseling on self image and depression because everything is connected and if mentally you have some issues for sure it's taking a tool on your body as well.
  3. Bring me the horizon - MANTRA
  4. Im a female and i have a bigger especially emotional attraction to other females but i do find some males attractive as well but it lacks the emotional aspect. So long story short im bisexual!
  5. Thank you all so much for the support and wonderful words! He was very controlling. Read my messages, constantly called me, stalked me on video cameras (i found out that from his roommates), constantly talked shit about my best friend and even waned to contact my mother so she would see how "responsable he is" and we can be together all the time and she wouldn't worry about me. He was giving me drugs and then started attacking me mentally. Asking about people he thought i had a thing with. He would even get angry if i spend time with his roommates while he was IN THE SAME HOUSE. Accused me of having mental problems and even addiction issues even tho he was the one who was giving it to me. I got scared when his ex and i meet at a party and she said that he drove her to a suicide attempt and she had to go back to her mother's home so she can recover.....Another person told me he often beat up his girlfriends and asked me if my ex ever hit me too.... I knew i had to get out because at the same time he claimed im the love of his life and that im the one who showed him what being in love is. He even wanted us to have kids and move out together. When i would mention a scenario we aren't together he would get very angry and even cry and say he dosen't think he could live without me, He treated me once he would kill himself if i go. I knew he isin't okay in any way, shape or form. I was 20 when we got together and realized i cant stay for much longer. I regret every day i spend with him. Im so sorry if i made someone feel bad with my story. I just needed a safe place to talk.
  6. Hey! Im 21yr old and i've been for about 8 months in a mentally and sexually abusive relationship. He is 27 and we meet through a mutual friend. We broke up several times (around 5) and got back together. But after him doing horrendous stuff to me i decide to leave him for good. Unforchenetly i had serious issues with my family and in a moment of weakness got back to him. But of course he treated me even worse and started spreading rumors that ive slept with a bunch of people and that i have an STD. He even almost hit me in front of people but a friend stopped him. We no longer are together but im very emotionally hurt from all of this, My question and the reason i shear this here is because i don't really know how i'll ever be with someone again after all of this. Can you guys give me advice on how to handle things after something this traumatic happens.
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