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  1. Thats quite the story. I am glad that you found the strength to overcome your disorders. Thats hard af and you deserve a round of applause. 🙂
  2. I have had an ongoing issue for years with an eating disorder, severe chronic depression and anxiety. I also suffer from ptsd and chronic horrific nightmares..
  3. Well, that's not very understanding of you. 😕
  4. I felt her videos about onision where manic misrepresentations of her perception of Onision thus making any point she has moot.
  5. I watched the simpsons, married with children and the nanny. No real kid shows here
  6. Such a slow day, good thing I have music and coffee to help me along!


  7. What is the best tier on patreon to join to recieve the most content for your money?
  8. A halloween song compliation video from the Bounce Patrol.
  9. I am very pale but I can get a tan easily.
  10. After a little break I find myself back here again. 

  11. How is your night going?

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