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  1. Thats quite the story. I am glad that you found the strength to overcome your disorders. Thats hard af and you deserve a round of applause. 🙂
  2. I have had an ongoing issue for years with an eating disorder, severe chronic depression and anxiety. I also suffer from ptsd and chronic horrific nightmares..
  3. Well, that's not very understanding of you. 😕
  4. I felt her videos about onision where manic misrepresentations of her perception of Onision thus making any point she has moot.
  5. I watched the simpsons, married with children and the nanny. No real kid shows here
  6. Such a slow day, good thing I have music and coffee to help me along!


  7. What is the best tier on patreon to join to recieve the most content for your money?
  8. A halloween song compliation video from the Bounce Patrol.
  9. I am very pale but I can get a tan easily.
  10. After a little break I find myself back here again. 

  11. How is your night going?

  12. Today is going by so slowly ...

  13. I'm a bisexual female that dislikes women. I can't stand being in a romantic relationship with them.. I can't do it for the life of me but I sure do like sleeping with women. So I prefer a cis white Male for sinning with.
  14. Yeah but Felix has that super cute accent and that disney-safe content.
  15. It feels great to be fresh.

  16. The sky is clear but we got about 2 inches of snow that's mostly melted away now.
  17. What's everyone doing tonight? 

    1. Drifter Kane

      Drifter Kane

      Hi kenris.  I'm just chilling watching tv and looking at these forums, also looking at YouTube too.

    2. Kenris Masters

      Kenris Masters

      That's awesome! I just had a bath and watching paranormal tv shows. It was very relaxing 

  18. Greetings, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making videos. In one way or another they really help me laugh when I need too. - Kenris
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