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  1. Anything with BBQ sauce! As a vegetarian, I don't like meat or anything that tastes like meat.
  2. Sounds like disassociation. This sometimes happens along with anxiety disorders or extreme stress.
  3. Is anyone here diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? I'm just wondering what coping skills work best and CONSISTENTLY for you? And how are you managing it? Do you take medicine that consistently works or do you have to keep going back and getting it adjusted? How is your quality of life overall? Does that quality stay consistent or change day to day/ month to month? Please only comment on this if you are actually diagnosed, and not just self-diagnosing 🙂
  4. My hobbies are pretty cool. I LOVE snorkeling and want to take it to the next level maybe this summer and get scuba certified!
  5. Omggg I LOVE roses! I just bought some rose petal sugar from a shop in San Antonio and I'm so excited to use it!
  6. I'm so sorry you're going through that! I hope you're able to breathe well again in the future.
  7. Have you guys broken any bones? What's your story? I broke both bones in my left forearm in kindergarten while trying the skip monkey bars. I got two different hard casts (one orange and then black) and became quite the cool kid because people could sign my casts 😂. I didn't feel anything at the time of the break because I think I went into shock, but my arm made a full recovery!
  8. Brigadeiros! I first ate them when I lived in Brazil and I've loved them ever since!
  9. It's so funny how we can't smell our own houses but other people can. I can only smell the laundry scent in my house when I'm out of the house for like 8 + hours!
  10. jackiea


    My dogs before and after playing....
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