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  1. jackiea

    What is your job?

    I'm just wondering what you all do for work? Are you in school? What are your future job goals? I work as a nursing assistant right now and am in nursing school! I hope to go on and get my masters in nursing in the future once I save enough money for tuition.
  2. jackiea

    Body hair

    I prefer my partners to have a little bit, but still have hair pretty short down there. But honestly it doesn't matter if it's any different. As for the rest of the body, I really don't care what people do. I shave everything just because my skin gets irritated when hair rubs on my clothes. I've met a lot of people that think any bit of prickle is absolutely disgusting, and I'm sorry you ran into someone like that who felt like that.
  3. jackiea

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    I'm cis female and most of my past partners have been male, but I've also been with females and really don't have a preference.
  4. jackiea

    Letter Play

  5. To stop thinking people actually want to hear me complain about everything. Not complaining as much has made me much better company.
  6. jackiea

    What Happens To Us When We Die?

    I'm currently a nursing assistant at a nursing home with a lot of dementia patients, which means I see a lot of death. While working night shift I've had a few unexplainable things happen, and many of my coworkers have similar stories, all of which could only be explained by some supernatural force, like spirits. Having experienced these things not only alone but also with other coworkers with me, I have to believe that something happens after death. Or maybe we do just rot in the ground and these forces aren't spirits? Freaky.
  7. I like my eyes & long hair, and I don't like my height. Would like to be a bit shorter.
  8. jackiea


    Getting social helps me the most! If you have some friends or family you're close with, try to meet up with them, or maybe try volunteering! Getting out of the house can really help you not focus on whats upsetting you
  9. jackiea

    The Gender Debate

    I think feeling as if one has no gender is something that a therapist can help explore with them since they may just be feeling lost at the time. That being said, if the person comes to an conclusion that they do not fit with either gender, then that is valid. Gender fluid people are also valid, but when I see one of those charts with like 30 genders, I think its ridiculous. Not everyone needs a label to describe EXACTLY how they feel. That's what conversation is for!

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