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  1. Tw because I will mention r*ps ab*se ped*philia and s*xual ass*lt I know you haven’t spoke about this topic In a long while. And I want this to be as short as possible. I want to share my story because everything you’ve said about DDlg is the truth. Before any of that at a young age I was sexually abused and raped. But at the time I was 13 my family friend started grooming me. And because I’d been groomed before it was very easy to groom me. He was 19 (my dads friends son) and I’ve known him since I was young and he use to baby sit me when I was young. He introduced me to ddlg and started teaching me how to act like a child in sexual situations. It got so bad that I couldn’t function as a normal kid my age I was almost “little” 24/7 because he would manipulate and abuse me to keep me there. I was constantly terrified and it felt like everything that happened when I was young was happening all over again. He did things to me should have and he would tell me to talk to him about it in a baby voice. He got off when I told him no or when I would cry. He was a sick person and when he finally got his way he was done with me. To me ddlg looked so cute and innocent because it’s literally advertised like it’s for kids and it’s so easy for kids to get groomed into it. I’ve met several people who have told me they were groomed into at a young age. Many pedophiles and abusive people hide in the ddlg/CGL community because it’s the easiest way to manipulate children with being able to be a “kid” and a “big kid” The whole community triggers me and they literally get angry the moment someone doesn’t want interaction with them. They’re toxic and entitled brats who get off to children.
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