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  1. Today! Crying, not hormonal, But man i have been emotional! I learned i may have an eating disorder (which i kinda knew I just didn't want to hear it) causing my day to be a S●●● storm. so everything from sad YouTube ads to memes and im balling my eyes out. hate today!
  2. I kinda agree with Greg on this one only because of experience. I mean my ex was my best friend. for years. I was committed then was no longer so and now me and that best friend ex...MARRIED....I mean im happy but all im saying is he ain't gonna hang out with his ex's and I'm not hanging out with any of mine...leave ex's in the past even in arguments.
  3. Life as we know it wont exist. But our molecular properties will be relieved back to the star dust from which it came. I mean it's really hard to grasp the concept of forever. To want to go on forever sounds nice and all but eventually that would get old. Even gods would become bored eventually. Is there really meaning to anything. Is what you do today going to matter in 500000000 years when the Andromeda galaxy tears into ours and we will probably all be long gone by then. Will it matter. I mean I realize it's the less optimistic point of view but. That is why life is so valuable. So much death and pain and grief in the world. It hurts my heart. You get one shot people. Live in the moment. This is it.
  4. Hello, My Names Angel. I am socially awkward and a little strange( hints the name ) I am friendly, funny, and a retro gamer. I am 28 and I have high functioning autism which is why I am socially awkward haha! Ask me anything or if interested in friendship I am open so please don't hesitate.

  5. I have 3 uvulas the dangle things in the back of your throat...yep i have 3
  6. I cant believe i'm gonna post this but how can you not remember this song. it was stuck in my head for years and now in case you forgot it here you go may you remember it and it be stuck in your head for a couple days and if you don't know it do you even game bro?
  7. Okay so i know this is a webtoon manga but i tell you i wass hooked on this for two days and word of advise do not read in front of children okay parental advisory or whatever on this one total yaoi booty in this. but is a little hott. ( warning if your a victim of sexual assault you may not want to enter that webtoon story) https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100063066
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