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  1. Eldritch-Prodigy

    What Game Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?

    I've been replaying Skyrim, HEAVILY modded this time around.
  2. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Saddest Video Game Moment?

    What's the saddest moment you've ever encountered in a video game that hits you right in the feels? For me it was the ending of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. Basically your main character disappears into nonexistence, leaving your partner and all of your friends behind. I was 11 years old when I played this game and it was one of the first times I recall actually crying while playing a game. How about y'all?
  3. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Favorite Pokémon?

  4. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Favourite wild animal?

    Lest we forget these little cuties who can survive the cold, irradiated vacuum of outer space. On a non-microscopic scale I think normal sized bears are pretty neato.
  5. Eldritch-Prodigy

    What phone do you use?

    Am I the only one still using a T-mobile sidekick? ... Nah, just kidding. Samsung Galaxy S9. It's pretty sweet.
  6. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Where do you prefer to live?

    I'd probably have a panic attack in a big city and the suburbs... just sorta slowly kill me on the inside. I'd love to just live out in nature somewhere. My dream house is sort of like the Cullen House from Twilight.
  7. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Post a Quote You Love

  8. Eldritch-Prodigy

    What Is Your Favorite Band?

    My favorite band..... probably Mineral. I love them because listening to the song Gloria gives me an endless amount of feels.
  9. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Music genres

    I used to really dig Symphonic and Power Metal when I was in middle school. Still do, lowkey These days I'm into a lot of Midwest Emo. I can't get enough of it.
  10. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Favorite TV Show and Why?

    My go-to answer is normally Twin Peaks (I'm a massive David Lynch fan and I'd need an essay to explain the lengths of why Twin Peaks is so good to me) but as of late I've been watching a lot of... This is what the perfect show is for me. Every joke or gag lands perfectly, the sarcasm is pure gold and every character is lovable. If I could best describe it, it's a little bit akin to Clerks with Family Guy style cutaways but even that doesn't do the show justice.
  11. Eldritch-Prodigy

    How Did You Find Me?

    I found you randomly one day on YouTube at like midnight while staying at my grandma's house. That would've been back in 2014. I don't remember what I was searching for exactly to stumble upon your channel but I remember that night because I fell down a rabbit hole of hilarious comedy sketches and evocative speaks videos. I'm pretty sure my first Onision video I ever watched was 10 Things I Hate About Showering. From then I was hooked.
  12. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Your opinion on social media in general.

    A tool for greatness in the right hands and a weapon of ignorance in the wrong hands.
  13. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Whats your favorite physical feature?

    I'm my eyelashes' #1 fan. I love 'em so much! I used to be really insecure about my face in general and would wear my bangs long to cover it up but these days I've been trying to love myself more. I do still get a little insecure about my acne though. That's a curse I guess I'm just stuck with but oh well.
  14. Eldritch-Prodigy

    Paranormal/scary experiences?

    When I was in Kindergarten I lived in a trailer park. Aside from the ocassional meth lab or sex offender, there was something much scarier right next to my house. My sisters went to school with this weird kid who got picked on a lot by the jocks. He was sort of gothy so it made him stand out a lot. He was openly a self proclaimed "occultist" and would threaten people who messed with him that he'd curse them or something of the like. My sisters didn't ever pick on him but they also never payed him much mind either. Our mother is a Wiccan so they knew enough about real magic that they concluded that he was just an edgy teenager and not anything serious. At the most he was just a dabbler who got his alleged "spells" off some old crappy websites. One night I was sleeping in the living room after staying up to watch Inuyasha (hey, don't judge!). Our front door had a little window in it so you could see who was at the front door. I had a horrifying nightmare that night. If you've ever seen the movie MirrorMask it was kinda like that visually speaking. The details of the dream probably aren't important but basically I was wandering around this castle and everybody in it was a.) confused why I was there and b.) were looking for someone they knew who went missing. When I woke up, my eyes started adjusting. There was someone at the door. Looking in at me was a pale faced man with wild black hair and dark markings on his face. He didn't look like the neighbor-kid and he certainly didn't look like anybody I knew. His markings were bizarre but I don't remember exactly what they looked like anymore. If you've seen Black Metal corpsepaint or Black Veil Brides warpaint it looked something akin to that. He looked surprised to see that I was awake. Our mouths both went agape at about the same time. I tried to scream but no noise was coming out of my throat. It looked like he was trying to scream too. I ran off the couch and into my parents room and told them someone was outside the door. We walked into the living room and nobody was out there. I slept in their bed that night and had a horrifying dream about old scholars in the castle's tower being burned alive as a falling star was headed towards them. Years later I found out that I wasn't the only one who saw the pale man. Both of my sisters and my parents had seen him. Each of them had bizarre nightmares as well while living in that home. Sometimes stuff would fall down unexpectedly or they'd hear a voice from nowhere. I remembered times where something weird would happen and the grown ups would all chalk it up to my imagination. The night I saw him in the door's window was when my mom decided to do a cleansing around the house (forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology. Our religious views are very separate). They kept this from me as best as they could but got worried when I'd bring him up or drew him. I drew him a lot actually. The kid and his parents moved out around the time I started middle school and the new neighbors claimed to have had supernatural experiences too. When my parents and I moved out of the house around the time I was starting high school my sister moved into the mobile home with her husband and daughter. They began to see him again. They'd hear voices, things would move on their own, and sometimes they'd see him looking in from the windows in the corner of their eye only for him to vanish as they shift their attention. One time my sister thought she saw him running away down the hallway to the back bedroom in the trailer. Mom went over one night for another cleansing and they haven't seen him since. I found out about all of this that night. I still wonder about that sometimes. Maybe the kid nextdoor was tired of being picked on and wanted something to protect him? Something he couldn't handle? Something he couldn't send back.
  15. Eldritch-Prodigy

    What created us? What is your religion?

    I believe God created existence around 13.8 billion years ago with the good ol' big bang. I consider myself sort of a liberal-Christian with a lot of tolerance and inclusiveness for other faiths and of course the wonders of science.

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