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  1. bilateral symmetry i'm a straight white female.
  2. okay thanks now im scared of you.
  3. madxprofessor


  4. hit that S●●● raw b●●●● then bail
  5. do you f●●● with the work? huh..... w-what did you just say.... DO yOu f●●● wit da war? what...no i din't fucqq wit da war. just don't know how to react to the forces *\PLURAL i should have just thanked you of cours-HAUH why would you thank ME? UHHH..... I GUESS I ASSUMEDEDESSTEDEDED FAMILIES. ANYWAYS... while we're on the topic u ever tried space ice cream? it is very good. jajaJA
  6. There are infinite galaxies. Why would we be the anomaly?
  7. Do drugs, drop outta school, kill people & drink. Jump behind the wheel like it's still legal.
  8. I've kinda had a crush on you since like, the dawn of the internet. Sorry I'm being a creeper oh well , lololol. ♏💜💚
  9. Torrid tried to get me to model 4 them I said no lolool
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