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  1. i had depression and anxiety and it just kinda... went away like i literally and brimming with happiness 99.7% of the time i get sad and cry very, very rarely.
  2. since i left my ex i've had trouble eating because i was so used to cooking for multiple people now im just sad and cooking is depressing for one human. though eating is supposed to be a social thing, which makes it harder if you're anti-social or have depression because you just don't feel like being seen or doing much, so yeah i researched ed's for a few years while i was getting fit, but i can't give much advice on it other than sometimes you just have to force yourself to eat and i know thats like the worst feeling for me but there are lots of types and sub-types of ed's, anyone can get one i was really close to getting one but i kinda stopped myself now im maintaining but the times coming where i need to lose again (i've been slowly losing weight for 6 years) so it kinda helps me, personally to be more consious of when and what i eat typically when i begin these fitness streaks i militarize my life and time and it's been good for me i schedule literally everything and stay busy. idk where im going with this sorry id recommend the youtube show from england 'supersize vs superskinny' just for a basic comparison of others with similar defects
  3. yeeeee it took like, 4 years but i did it
  4. mine is home made macaroni and cheese and i let it sit in the fridge for a day and then cut it in cubes and pan sear it in butter
  5. invader zim, the big comfy couch (canada access tv), aqua teen hunger force, trigun
  6. make more art, dance and play instruments, and maybe eat more broccoli
  7. last time was new years day i was wearing like a 90s rave outfit and had no bra and black glitter x pasties and the cop that undressed me was like so freaked out first of all taking off pasties f●●●ing HURTS and she like took my inmate clothe n was like WE HAVE TO GET HER OUT OF HERE... IDK IDK MEDICAL CLEARENCE JUST GET HER AWAY FROM ME i was like uhhhhhh, whutt?
  8. oh and weird thumbs. theyre hard to get fingerprints from. lol i been to jail like .... 4, 5 times?
  9. i have really small bewbs for my size think like anorexic ballerina on a pawg champ
  10. feel happy again Greg ❤️

  11. i grew up in a weird part of florida where nazi-ism is really big and my high school was full of neo-nazis i had 2 friends who had nazi flags in their bedrooms
  12. theres also something called the god particle, i dislike that idea, but without understanding quantum mechanics and the unified field theory and the standard model its kinda hard to get any deeper than that and understanding those things is.... really complicated. So it's hard to explain but i'll try. So most people know about forces. Electromagnetism is the most common force in our daily lives we see it when we stick a magnet to a fridge, theres a force there.... it' also the thing thats keeping me from falling through my chair right now, electrons pushing on electrons so that atoms dont pass through eachother. But there are also other forces theres, gravity, and there' the strong, and weak nuclear forces. The world had pretty much thought that these forces were just continuously radiating fields that just.... came out of the force. The theory of Quantum Mechanics doesn't allow for continuiousness in that way and so what scientists have realized is that it's not a field, it's actually a distribution of particles, and the strength of that field is the density of those particles, at that point. So for example a magnet, which we know has a force around it has a high density of these particles called virtual particles snapping in and out of existence around it, the density of the particles is much higher near the magnet and drops off expediently as you move away. So to speak they can't exist in the way normal matter does without violating the law of conservation of energy which says that things can't just.... start existing, lol. So technically these particles aren't matter.... so the trick has been to coax them into existing and we've done this with particle accelerators. So the idea is the Higgs field which is the field that gives things mass exists through the entire universe. Another way of saying this is that the higgs boson exists at an even density thought the entire universe. particles without mass like photons don't interact with it, and then their are electrons which do interact with it on a light level. sorry i forgot where i was going with this.
  13. Anyone else interested in Quantum Physics, technology, and multi-versal theories? So basically the idea is that there are multiple realities simultaneously existing on different frequencies, some similar and some vastly different. Much like radiowaves, they cannot be seen but are everywhere. Any observation holds influence and changes the course of reality when observed. Think string theory. Sorry i'm really into particle physics. thoughts?
  14. lmao the friggin car flipped over and i had to kick the door out and pretty much crawl out. im inhuman lmao
  15. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  16. i've seen them on occasion. also i love graveyards and bones and collecting body parts in jars but hey whatevs
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNzQg1z0kuw&list=PLg5LL5ulruycEVARIopBihOIYRlZpaHn7&index=7
  18. when i was in jail i slept maybe 2 hours once a week and i barely ate so im still recovering from that month.
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