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  1. I am against the mutilation of people's bodies, so I am 100% against circumcision.
  2. Hollie


    I think crying can suck because people don't like to feel vulnerable. We have always been taught that crying makes you weak, but sometimes crying can be a really healthy way to let your feelings out. It may not solve the issue that made you cry, but a lot of times you'll feel at least a little better afterwards.
  3. Caffeine, unfortunately. I picked up the habit as part of my eating disorder, but now I can’t stop 😕 at least it’s the most socially acceptable addiction, right?? Lol
  4. You’ve been super positive and encouraging lately, and tonight you owned up to a mistake and handled it with grace. What changed/made you want to put more positivity into the world? (Not saying you’ve done things badly in the past! I’m just curious as to why the way you go about things has changed!) love you 🙂
  5. Major depression, (severe) anxiety disorder, atypical anorexia (meaning I have all the symptoms of anorexia except for being severely underweight) yay!
  6. I’m a proud veggie 🌱
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