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  1. Hollie

    Where do you get your support?

    You guys will always be the cutest couple oh my god
  2. I have nice hands, and that’s about it I think. Body dysmorphia is the absolute worst. I hate my legs and most of my body.
  3. Who is your support person/people? Who can you go to for help, advice, or just to calm you down or cheer you up? it could be a parent, a friend, a therapist, or even someone like a YouTuber that makes you feel better when you watch them.
  4. Things that help me are having time alone and watching YouTube, as well as lighting incense or a candle. Nice smells calm me a lot. I just need to be in a dark and quiet room with a distraction.
  5. I have severe anxiety (GAD) My triggers are: being anxious I made my friends upset/sad things being sprung on me on short notice/not being prepared my body dysmorphia doing things out of my routine seasons changing (earlier and later sunsets, extreme weather) being watched while I’m eating or people monitoring my food choices doing things in public (ordering food, public bathrooms, buying something at a cash register, etc.) and more but this list is getting too long. I’m a nervous mess haha
  6. Hollie

    What are you addicted to?

    Caffeine, unfortunately. I picked up the habit as part of my eating disorder, but now I can’t stop 😕 at least it’s the most socially acceptable addiction, right?? Lol
  7. Hollie

    What Have You Been Diagnosed With?

    Major depression, (severe) anxiety disorder, atypical anorexia (meaning I have all the symptoms of anorexia except for being severely underweight) yay!
  8. Hollie

    What Is Your Diet?

    I’m a proud veggie 🌱
  9. Hollie

    Introduce Yourself

    I’m Hollie I’m vegetarian and bisexual I love rock, industrial, and indie music I’m 18. I love strawberries 🍓 and being positive and laughing. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, because I love hearts and love ❤️ 💕💘

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