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  1. Why would you even consider contacting him. Block and move on.
  2. I’d love to visit the town in Italy where my great grandfather was born.
  3. I’m sure it’s exhausting to constantly play the type of characters he does in AHS. Lol I don’t think it’s up to Evan Peters to cast people 🤪 You should try auditioning for TV.
  4. I love lily of the valley
  5. Mae

    Age of Comedians

    guess it depends on the kind of humor
  6. Idk, I dont really believe in calling people pieces of S●●●. some people are just ignorant, let them be. nothing we can do about it. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Mae


    That sounds so cool! I'll def be joining 😁
  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. It doesn’t really ever get easier. Maybe you could make it a traditon to celebrate his life on that day. I know it’s easier said than done, but your dad wouldn’t want you to be sad forever, try to find ways to honor his memory in a positive way, like watching old home movies, looking through old photos, listening to his favorite music. Cry, laugh, whatever helps. ❤️
  9. I agree, there’s only so much we can do and if he refuses to take our advice it makes me think he doesn’t really want help. Like if you don’t want to help yourself at least don’t fill the thread with such negativity that you bring others down with you. It’s a bit exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be here to listen and help anyone who needs it, but you have to want to help yourself. /rant
  10. He sounds like an asshole. Forget about him.
  11. I mean if your child ends up being the next Hitler, I think there’s a chance you might’ve done something horribly wrong as a parent. But no, I think I’d still love who my child was but I wouldn’t be able to continue to love a monster like that.
  12. Non LGBT people defending LGBT people I think is fine. I personally feel like the difference is when someone tries to speak for them. We should be lifting them up and giving them a platform to talk about their experiences. I think a good way to do this, with YouTube for example, if you’re an ally trying to bring awareness to LGBT issues, a great thing to do could be to collaborate with LGBT people in your videos and talk to them about their own experiences as a gay, trans, etc. individual. We can be supportive and we can imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes but we will never experience it the way they have and they should be the ones to tell that story. Again, not saying there’s anything wrong with non lgbt people speaking on issues.
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