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  1. Being there for them when they need you. Showing them that you’re thinking of them. Listening to them. Telling them you appreciate them. Etc.
  2. Why are you even talking to this woman?! Block her
  3. I think you’re really pretty, I don’t see what those people are talking about.
  4. I was just watching blue planet yesterday, it’s amazing what’s down there and all that we haven’t even discovered yet. Like look at this guy, it’s so f●●●ing cool.
  5. They’re professionals who are trained to help you. The same way you’d go to a dentist for a filling or to the doctor for a cold. If you want to just talk about your feelings, by all means go ahead but if you want to actually improve your mental health, you can’t do that just by talking to us, but instead by speaking to a professional. Good luck.
  6. Why would you trust strangers on the internet more than a trained professional? Do you want help or not because that’s the step you need to take if so. We can only do so much for you.
  7. Exactly what she said. If you want to know more, talk to a professional. People on the internet can be there for you as supportive friends but that’s it, only a professional can get you the help you need.
  8. Uhh I think grave robbing will always be exactly what it is... If there are reasons to exhume a body, or dig up remains for research purposes which is done legally and by professionals, that’s completely different. Digging up someone’s remains to steal for yourself is.. weird and illegal and not the same as archeology. Lol.
  9. I don’t see anything wrong with it if that’s what someone chooses to do. I don’t see it as an inability to commit, just choosing not to yet. Not everyone needs commitment or love to have s●●, for some it’s just s●● and that’s okay, it’s a personal choice and not for me to judge. But I do think feelings usually get involved and it gets messy. I probably wouldn’t do it, personally.
  10. This! Totally agree there’s usually some underlying reason, even if it feels like nothing. Could just be that you’re overwhelmed.
  11. Mae

    lol at double standards

    Wait what does this have to do with onision I’m v confused
  12. But what about Kai’s makeup channel? I really enjoyed his videos, they didn’t come off as superficial to me at all. They were so wholesome 🙂
  13. I know plenty of grown adults who are friends with their exes because they’ve grown past those feelings and are mature enough to think of them as just a friend and not just as a s●●ual or romantic partner. If someone is still thinking about having s●● with an ex they’re clearly not over them. That’s the real issue. Again this is just your personal experience and not the case for everyone. But it’s an interesting discussion 🙂
  14. We’re on good terms and we will catch up once in a while. No sense in holding onto anger and hatred for anyone.
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