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  1. I like anything related to Resident Evil or The Evil Within, but my favorite is Detroit: Become Human mostly because it's a really pretty game.
  2. 3 days. This was when I was still figuring out my s●●ual orientation, and he was nice so I thought maybe I'd give it a go. It was a really awkward 3 days. The first day it was kinda okay. That night was when things got weird. Immediately he's moving into the "I love you be with me forever" territory. I put a stop to that S●●● real fast.
  3. I went almost 4 months without a doctors visit because my grandmother didn't think that could happen to girls so young. I've still never really recovered fully.
  4. It's between Set It Off and Panic! At the Disc, because my playlist is composed mostly of those two bands. I listen to a lot of other bands though, different genres too, and it's subject to change pretty frequently.
  5. I have social anxiety, PTSD, and psychotic depression. I have undergone treatment for psychotic depression and am doing better but I have to get check-ups every month because the medication hasn't worked to get rid of it. My doctor is already talking about electroconvulsive therapy. Schizophrenia runs in the family, so I might have that to look forward to as well. I also have high blood pressure, PCOS, and am suffering with obesity. You would think that with all this medication I would be losing weight, but no. I sometimes go without eating, and other times I binge eat until I pass out. Mostly the latter, purely out of emotional stress.
  6. I'm not sure we can help her at this point 😕
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