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    These are my boys.
  2. piggy

    Animal Crossing

    For some reason I can't stick with PC, and I have no idea why. I play it for one day then completely forget about it for like 3 months ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  3. Alright, so we all know Nintendo's supposed to put out the next installment of Mayor Simulator this year on Switch, so I wanted to focus a bit on this sweet little title. What do you hope for in ACS? What do you pray they'll keep? Who's your dreamie villager(s)? What's your favorite thing to do in the game? Marshal is best squirrel. Don't @ me. I really love breeding flowers in the game and covering my town with them.
  4. I've been working on an at-home routine to start, especially since it's frigid right now. I've been thinking of trying out zumba videos and using resistance bands. Once it warms up I'll be walking my dogs a lot.
  5. Trust me, I have a fear of breaking my teeth, they aren't *that* appealing. I need a cluster like that, damn.
  6. To be honest, I've never looked into the different effects crystals are supposed to have, but it's always been my dream to have a tiny treasure chest full of different minerals and crystals because that would be amazing. Edit: Plus - and I know this is crazy - some of them look very appetizing.
  7. My only boyfriend in high school was obsessive like that. I couldn't talk to any of my friends, had to stay on the phone with him til midnight or later every night, spend each weekend with him etc. It was pretty bad. Of course when my parents set boundaries, because he'd tell me I "wasn't allowed to" do whatever, he'd throw tantrums. He'd refuse to obey my parents' curfews, until he was no longer allowed at my house. After about 8 months of this I became super distant and he got more clingy. When I broke up with him (on my 17th birthday, no less) he just didn't accept it. It was baffling. I had to tell him three times that we were no longer a thing before he finally accepted I was serious, and began spam calling me each day for months. By then he was a freshman in college and I a junior in high school. One week I had around 300 missed calls, 50 or so in one day alone. My parents had to take my phone away from me for quite a while. When I saw him five years later, he said he'd never gotten over me, and went as far as buying a gun to commit homicide-suicide because he didn't want anyone else to have me. Even moving and changing my number and everything didn't help calm my stress and paranoia until quite a few years later. People can be deranged.
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