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  1. immortal, only because i feel like there is so much to lern from all over this world/ other worlds it would be fun
  2. I enjoy more of the pale colors, it’s almost like looking into the faded past
  3. If what you say is full of truth to be honest I think you can apologize at any point but I also think forgiveness is what can make or break the rest of the relationship
  4. i know i get this way sometimes, and to be honest i always look for something new i havent done. Today i didnt want to get up but the night before i was thinking about how they made tofu so i looked it up... i might try to make it.... but never the less look into things and learn about them then you will have one goal a day to try to help get you going!
  5. i always thought we would be at the level of clones. not like animals and vegitation i mean full humans
  6. even in the scientific world, the fact we are here is an astronomical chance. So i think there is life out there but i dont think its a huge amaount of other things.
  7. i think its absurd that anyone would ignore there loved ones. so i would be the bigger person and show them over time that i would never ignore them
  8. to be honest i dont know all that much about it but i love to learn!!
  9. My friends and i had a band called "The Green Snooters". we were all around 11 or 12 and we just watched jack ass the movie.
  10. my first concert was in helsinki finland and i saw Lordi (they are my fave band)
  11. i think some of those they want to survive will. most would not make it though
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