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  1. So I have Graves disease. Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid. With this disease, your immune system attacks the thyroid and causes it to make more thyroid hormone than your body needs. The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck. I have been on medication for this for a couple years now, but my weight still fluctuates WILDLY because of this within a couple year span. At one time I weighed at most 300 pounds, at my smallest I was 120 pounds. I am 5'7 so when I was 120 I looked like a walking skeletor lady. My skin was turning a slight shade of grey and my cheeks were sunken in. At my thinnest I was in a size 12-14 jeans. This is gonna sound so f●●●ed up, but a part of me was HAPPY because I could fit into smaller and cuter clothing than I could when my body was bigger, though I knew it was from being so sick. I am on the losing weight side again, I dont wanna say how much I weigh (Understandable, right?) but I know its my thyroid over acting again. Things that piss me off about this disease: 1. There is no known cure, I will never get better, but it is manageable through taking medicine. Even if I have my thyroid gland removed, I will be on those medicines for the rest of my life. 2. Whenever I go to the ER for something, anything. I am always treated like a drug addict because I always have shaky and unsteady hands and am generally shaky/jittery. 3. When I am on the losing weight side, people don't hesitate to tell me how I'm losing weight. Losing weight is a great thing, don't get me wrong here! Eating healthy foods and doing exercise is a great thing and it SHOULD be complimented and rewarded socially, but when its because of an invisible illness (meaning, one cannot see with their eyes) I just wanna scream at these people "YEAH MY BODY IS DOING A GREAT JOB OF TRYING TO KILL ME LATELY, ISN'T IT!?" But I NEVER do that. Instead I give the socially acceptable answer of "Thank you! You're so sweet!" Because while I am not ashamed of my disease (and why should I be? I have done nothing to cause it, no one knows what causes this disease) but I don't want people feeling sorry for me, or to create awkward tensions around me, like when someone wants to give me a compliment, but feels they can't because Im sick, so I suffer in silence, it is my choosing to do so. Society does not know how yet to handle this. On May 25 is Wold Wide Thyroid Day, Which recognizes and tries to spread as much awareness as possible about both Graves Disease (Overactive Thyroid) and Hashimoto's Disease (Underactive Thyroid) so that people with Thyroid diseases or Thyroid Cancer can spread the word about what this disease is, what it does and how to help a loved one who suffers with these diseases in the best ways possible. My social media will be all about World Thyroid day on the 25th and perhaps even after that. Do your research and spread the word if you can, please. Thank you for reading. It means the world to me.
  2. People say i'm argumentative, but I disagree. 

  3. I feel very happy to be here and view this as a safe space. I can talk about anything I want here and it's all gravy. Much love for making a safe space for all of us, bruh!
  4. Agreed can we either have this topic locked, or deleted please? Its making unnecessary drama.
  5. A rather boring and depressing idea, and assuming these "newbies" don't have broken fingers, they too can look up videos of the past and present and compare as they wish, where his head was years ago, vs his thought patterns and ideas of today and make their own conclusions. His videos are already chronicled on his channel mistake by mistake, success by success, one can go there to speaks and see all of them. I'm not sure how aware of this you are, so I'll point it out, a portion of Onision's fanbase (Excluding this forum) are haters. They come to his social media and his youtube channels JUST to HATE on him and dislike his videos. While we all appreciate honesty and Onision himself has preached the importance of it in countless videos, your idea has "FEED THE TROLLS" written all over it. it would be complete hate bate. When people make mistakes in their lives, they usually apologize for their mistakes and move on, weather forgiven by the person they made the mistake against, or not forgiven at all, they make note of their mistakes and try to never repeat that mistake again in the future, this is just how normal sane human brains tend to work. If YOU have ever made mistakes in your life, and who of us has not made mistakes, would you want to spend time rehashing everything you have ever done that has ultimately hurt yourself or someone you love in your life? Probably not. I can't see how this is a good idea in any way, and most of us would probably agree with that statement. He himself has said that this idea is unpleasant to him, so why do you keep pushing this idea?!
  6. Two things certain in life:

    1. Death

    2. If you go to sleep in a tank top, when you wake up one of your titties will be out. 

  7. When we go camping, why do we have to use leaves to wipe our asses while bears use @Charmin ?

  8. Okay so I'm a total insomniac. One of my favorite things to do on nights like this is go on Secondlife, go dancing and listen to the music the DJ plays and Cam perv everyone in the club, see who I wanna say hi too and see if I can get some conversation going, there are some fellow insomniacs there too, as well as people from all over the whole world. On this particular night, I was cam perving and it was the last song before the DJ changed for another one, I lost where I was in the club, so to readjust my cam, I got a bit click happy. People sometimes wear "Spankers" on their body, which emit a public message in local when clicked on. Like "John spanks Mary's ass" and these are invisible objects worn on avatars, you dont know they have them on unless you click them. So when I was getting clicky, I saw a message in local chat *MY NAME Spanks DJ Jennifer in the v●●●●●* There was like 30 people in the club and everyone was all Lol lol lol lol lol all over local chat. OMG! When she walked off the stage, I sent a private message to her and said "OMG Honey I'm so sorry I slapped your vag! *Dies*" She was cool with it, said it wasnt a problem and laughed too. I thought it was funny and wanted to share.
  9. Onision does not owe us anything, simply put.
  10. My first cartoon crush was Aladdin. Who was yours?
  11. I wasn't always the asshole I am today, I used to be a skinnier asshole. 

  12. Take no s●●●, fear no b●●●●. 

  13. There is no such thing as a Gold Digger. Women are naturally expensive, so choose a b●●●● in your price range and stay in your lane. 

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