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  1. I see it

    I like it

    I want it

    I check the price tag

    I put it back. 

  2. This does not apply to the jane plains and joe blows of the world, this is more toward anyone with a numbered following, If you make a statement, and people get mad, then you recant it, more people WILL get mad at you. Let's say half the people get mad, but half support, well then you go and apologize, and the people that stood by you originally will then also be angry for back peddling what they believed in you for. Now this next part, I do not feel that Rosanne Barr was in the right to call Valerie Jarrett an ape, not at all, but it wasnt worth letting The Connors premier without Barr, because it was a TOTAL flop. Rosanne Barr had a right to say what she said, because In America we have "Free Speech" Did it make it right for her to say? No, Not at all. If she would have let her racist tweet be in the hands of ABC Executives, she could have possibly saved her career. Instead she apologized and got the people angry with her that were standing beside her, only if they stood on the grounds that she had the right to free speech. I hope Greg reads this, because his video is going to be viwed as an "attack" on Shane Dawson, he has lost subscribers and patrons because of it, it's not going to "get better" any time soon. Stay strong and know you have plenty of support still.
  3. What Shane did to that cat is abhorrent and there's now two ways about it, I do not approve of that, as most normal people wouldn't. Someone would have to have a LOT of mental issues to think it's "not weird" to do what he did to his cat, frankly it's sickening and scary. My typical stance on youtube is that I follow the creator's youtube channel, not their personal lives. if they make quality content, i'll watch it and stay subscribed, regardless of what they do to themselves or others in their personal lives, but this has gone too far, I rationalized and justified his "jokes" away before as I WAS a fan, but I see that over time those "jokes" were not jokes and were in fact him telling us who he really is. Yes, Shane Dawson does like shock humor, but even people that like shock humor have a sense of normalcy and decency. I'm not supporting Shane anymore. @Onision Hang on there bro, I think you're in for a ride to the S●●● end of the stick. You'll still have your fans that support you, yes, but youtubers with big platforms will start blaming you, as if you're the one who made him take out his D●●● and f●●● his cat. "Blame Onision" seems to be a pretty strong theme for youtubers, even though you did nothing wrong here, and in fact were sharing your opnion on the matter like hundreds of thousands of people who saw/heard that tweet. Stay strong!
  4. Hi Greg, i was just curious of how you think and feel about the Royal family of England (House of Windsor) ? I used to keep up with the tumultuous relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I'm only 3 years older than you, were you also invested in learning about them back then? Do you think Princess Diana had an unfortunate car accident, or do you feel she was off'd because she was becoming too much of a problem? http://time.com/5335554/meghan-markle-ireland-abortion/ An act like this, however well intended 500 years ago would have been considered treasonous due to Ireland and the Catholic church being owned by the Tudor dynasty and what major conflict that would have caused. What are your thoughts and feelings on everything above?
  5. I STRETCHED MY FOOT WRONG AND ITS CRAMPING!..... So this is it... this is how it ends.....

    1. Anna


      Even though I know how painful that is....you're a comedian! 😅

  6. I f●●●ING LOVE MARIA BRINK! In this moment is just the best!
  7. And welcome, prepare for initiation.... Im kidding... 😎
  8. Well I joined the 9th of february, I like it here too very much! DIZ BE HOME BRAH!
  9. I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally. 

  10. I agree, it must have been really hard being a Black Jew in the 40's, they had to sit in the back of the oven.
  11. Last Pride -Just an event, not a parade- we had in my home town was a few years ago, it was good until near the end when someone gave this Trans(gender) woman a microphone and she loudly started demeaning everyone who was not LGBT. Christian and White. Pride is not just for the LGBT community, but also for their allies and supporters. Other than that it was a very fun event and if they hosted another in my town, I would go to it again.
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