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  1. What do you guys think about what is acceptable to release in terms of creating video content about other Youtubers on the platform. I am contemplating of how I approach my future channel, knowing that I would feel uncomfortable having others create content out of me without my knowledge, I want to make sure to do the same. Any suggestions on how I can plan this for myself? I care about everyone and want to learn how to show respect to others 😄
  2. Either way, it would be interesting to know if anyone had dreams with me in them and what they would entail lol
  3. I don’t remember Onision being in any of my recent dreams, but I remember flying.
  4. I am trying to figure out how I am to maintain and plan for my own YouTube channel. I oddly want to be a bootiful person on there even with all of the drama. It Intrigues me. What do you guys think? Should I go for it even harder?

    1. GreyGirlGrace


      You definitely should!

  5. There are things that I have not agreed with in your past mistakes on the internet, however, you are a human being and there are a good amount of things I do like about your character as a person. I do look at this as following by the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. I know I have made bad decisions, but I constantly aim to be a better person from them.
  6. I sometimes reflect and wonder if I could ever deal with the internet stating my own reputation as a person the same way circumstances have been towards you. I can only imagine what it must be like to make personal mistakes on the internet and have those mistakes be used against you for years to come. I don’t expect any person to be perfect, but it does help to know that others are learning from their mistakes. At least I would hope if I were in your shoes that people would give me grace to learn and grow from my mistakes.
  7. I am thinking to myself, as someone who has a mental condition that already makes it hard for me to read social cues, how can someone distinguish who people are online versus offline? Thoughts? In the past I have been carried away with the reality that is shown on YouTube that it made me think of people more like characters than full realized human beings and I want to learn from that. I am the kind of person who is willing to acknowledge my own mishaps but I want to keep learning.
  8. P.s.- In case you need to help save time on your work load for these modules, here are cheat sheets I go off of to help me save time. Working smarter and not harder. Feel free to give me your thoughts on this information as well.
  9. I would definitely suggest to check out Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator too and check out all the different keyboard shortcuts for each of the Adobe applications. From what I have learned as of so far, we transfer files from Photoshop and Illustrator onto Indesign to finalize the format so The file can be packaged to have flexible use. I also know that in the swatches panel, RGB is really good for the web while CMYK is especially good with printing. Unless you are doing any further commercial printing, Pantone should be avoided unless you are willing to spend more money for that type of ink. Thoughts?
  10. What module did you use to create these icons? I am in school for web design and graphic design, for what I am formally learning, I might be able to provide some insight. Do you have Adobe Creatove Cloud? Adobe is so great with these type of tasks.
  11. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 I hope you are able to see the rainbows I put down. I know this has nothing to do with your comment, I just like rainbows. Lol
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