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  1. Goresby

    Ideas On How To Help Eugenia Cooney

    She's not going to listen to a bunch of strangers on the internet. Pressure her friends and family to help her. She's much more likely to listen to them.
  2. Goresby

    Compliment The Person Above You

    Your eyebrows are on fleek
  3. Goresby

    Ask A question to the person below

    You know how people lace their fingers together and do the wave with their hands? Mine is smooth as butter. What was your favorite cartoon to watch as a child?
  4. Goresby

    What Sports Did You Play In School?

    I was the captain of the underwater basket weaving team. Lead my team to victory in the national championships.
  5. I'm new here, so I thought I'd make a topic for stories involving customer service. I used to work late shifts at a fancy restaurant that had a lounge. On weekends, bands would play and patrons would consume enormous amounts of alcohol. One of the drunkards saw me roll my eyes at my creepy manager(used to check me out, stand directly behind me, sing to me, etc.) and asked me if I wanted him to beat him up. One side of me really wanted to egg him on to punch the lights out of that lanky noodle I worked for, but my better judgement inclined me to tell him it wasn't necessary and to go have a good time. He spent the next several minutes observing me and my manager whenever he walked by. Another time, at the same restaurant, I clocked out and sat at the bar to enjoy some delicious fancy food with a hefty employee discount. One of my coworkers, Ashley(fake name) and I started chatting about our more attractive coworkers. I had eyes for Brent(fake name), and I told Ashley "I'm going to fornicate with Brent. I'm on a mission and will succeed." As I finished this sentence, I heard a voice behind me ask "Will you now?" It was Brent. I'm not one to be easily embarrassed, but this was hands down the most humiliating moments of my life. Ashley had to walk away because she was laughing so hard, and I tried to hide my red face behind my hands while Brent looked on, seeming very entertained. I boxed up my food and went home and didn't talk to him for a week. We never hooked up. Do you have any stories about work? I'd like to hear them.
  6. Goresby

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm Goresby. I like vodka and vegan 'pork' buns.

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