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  1. AngryBean

    Dreams and dream related stuff.

    When it comes to dreams I say I have the strangest dreams. Like last night. I saw my uncle dying (Which he apparently is but he's also a chronic liar too) and he told me I was his favorite niece (I doubt that) From that I looked up from my uncle to see two Indian people a man and wife wiping yellow paint on my head and saying I had been accepted into their family. Then it turned into me running around this arcade playing on a few of the machines and I ran from the room and I was in this huge shopping center and I believe I was being chased or something. I don't know but that was all I could remember from my dream last night. The best dream I remember. (Back story my grandmother's dog was due to give birth) so I had a dream that my grandmother's dog was having her puppies and then a few moments later my mother comes into my room and I'm fully awake (Which this time was the spare room, my ex-partner decided he wanted to move us in there for some reason) It's like 4:50 something AM and my mother says to me "Ash you need to go to grandmother's Dotty is having her puppies!" So I get dressed and I head out running to my grandmothers and there you have it. I had a dream she's having her puppies and reality she actually was giving birth. It's strange how dreams like that work. ^_^ I wonder what I'll dream about tonight. If it's interesting I'll update you guys. ^_^
  2. AngryBean

    Paranormal/scary experiences?

    Okay so, there are a few and I'll make the small and quick (As I can) 1. So I remember the way my room is positioned I have my door and my bed was so if you turned on your right in bed you'd see out my door to the corridor. My mother's room was on the left. I was around 8 or 9 at the time and I woke up randomly - I always had the corridor light on because as a normal child the dark scared me. So - waking up I look and see this woman, she looked Victorian. No word of a lie, she had a blue Bonnet hat on and a blue shawl. a white dress and she was see-through and I looked down to her feet and she was gliding! Like actually gliding and I honestly had never been so scared. I still remember her to this day I may actually draw her. 2. I was a little older this time but not by much. I had woken up once again at night and my bed this time was the other way around so you'd have to be on your left to see out. So the usual thing. I had woken up from a nightmare and I look to my door and once again I see another woman she was different this time. She had ginger hair, a long white gown, and a white bonnet this time, she had her head down and she was scratching her head. I began to panic and I closed my eyes (And ears for some reason) and ran out into my mother's room to explain what I had seen. 3. My other had a rule of not keeping her bedroom door open so every single day she'd have it closed. We had headed home from our grandmother's house and I rushed to use the toilet. Something caught my eye at the end of our corridor is my mother's room and her door was open. That was very unusual for that to happen. So as I stared into the black gap through the door I saw this figure walk by the door, and I saw this strange white hand. Still bursting for the toilet I ran into the bathroom (Once again covered my eyes and ears!) then screamed running downstairs explaining to mother what I just saw. (We headed back to my grandmother's house minutes later) 4. After them ordeals nothing much happened until one day I was a little older around 14-15; I had walked out of my room to head downstairs and the last room on the left was the spare room. Walking past I heard my name being called..."Ashleigh..." I stopped in my tracks and looked into the room. The same womanly voice spoke again. "That's right Ashleigh, come here - to us!" I honestly looked away and thought "Fuck that" and told my mother the ordeal. 5. I was a little older I was 16 I was in my room and this time my bed was in the position where your head would be facing towards the door. (As you can tell why I didn't like looking out) so it was semi-dark there were no cars going by at the time and int he corner of my room was the biggest and brightest ball of light floating around. I stood up and headed towards it. As I got closer it vanished in midair. I still to this day don't know what it was I believe it was an orb but I don't know it was like the size of a large orange and bright blue! It still freaks me out. 6. A few more years later I was 18, I had my partner in bed next to me. This time my bed was again where if you turned on your left you'd see out to the corridor (Like it is now actually) and this was in the summertime so it was pretty warm so I had nothing on clothes wise. My cover was off my legs and just over my torso. I was in a deep sleep and then I was awoken by the most strange feeling. The feeling was like long but not sharp claws trailing up my thigh. (I know it sounds like it can be easily debunked but listen) My bedroom door is very hard to open as it's on a carpet and it makes a loud scraping noise when you open it and it's stiff too. Anyway; I do have a dog, only one at the time. He is always left in the living room with the living room door closed and he can't open it from the inside. I have no cats (I'm highly allergic) My partner was snoring his nose off as was my mother too. No one else in the house either. It was the freakiest feeling I have ever encountered. I have never felt anything like that before. Although from time to time I will feel my hair being tugged or my clothes being tugged. These are all real memories and they still creep me out even as a 23-year-old. I can't explain any of them.
  3. AngryBean

    Your best "I quit" stories.

    I guess one of the most rememberable ways I quit was this... So I was working in a care home 44 bedrooms and only 9 members of caring staff. Being the new person I was running and rushing around like a fly on fire. I answered nearly all the calls (Mainly 'Can you help me use the bathroom?') and it was awful I was treated badly and I disliked how they treated the residents there. Anyway - so I decided enough was enough I finally got my mother's approval to quit (After an hour of begging and crying because it was honestly that bad) So I should have gone in handed in my notice and worked my last week. Instead. I picked up my phone and text my boss. "Hey I'm sorry I wasted your time but I don't think I can hold down this position any longer I'm sorry I failed you" A few moments later I get a reply that slightly hurt me. Her words. "Hey, no problem - You made the right decision..." Honestly - No words of encouragement. No words of "I'm sorry you feel like this - is there another way we can help you and improve your time with us?" Just straight up. 'We basically didn't like you so, Bye Felicia' Not funny, funny but unusual.
  4. AngryBean

    What Is The Most Fun Thing You've Ever Done?

    I think the most fun thing I ever did was train hop in Germany. Because of my obsession with Rammstein, I decided that I wanted to visit Berlin so I and my mother did. On our last few days, we decided to get on random trains to visit different cities. We ended up seeing Checkpoint Charlie, I went into 'Die Welt Balloon' (that was amazing), We got to the City 'Wedding' and we also visited "The Memorial Blocks" I would love to go back there one day or even move there.
  5. AngryBean

    Introductions for newbies and top 5s!

    1. Write a story 2. Draw 3. Game 4. Binge on YouTube 5. Play IMVU
  6. AngryBean

    Whats your favorite physical feature?

    I personally love my eyes. I dislike near enough everything else.
  7. AngryBean

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey, I'm Ashleigh. I'm a former vegetarian (I have reasons that I stopped but I don't want to bore you with it) I'm in love with Rammstein and I'm having a Rammstein sleeve done. (Yes I love them that much haha) I've been a fan of Onision since I first saw his short comedy sketch. ("Caught a ghost in my house" I think that's the name) I'm 23 years old 24 in May. I'm Bisexual and I'm also in the closet with my family about my Gender knowing other than my mother who knows, no one else would understand. I'm genderqueer - I think I don't know I'm still confused myself but for now genderqueer/genderfluid is like what I'm balancing with. I love eating Spinach and I love eating Broccoli (I honestly do. They're miniature trees!)
  8. AngryBean

    What’s your zodiac sign?

    Hey! So I'm just going through all of these. I' am a Gemini. ^_^ • Sun: 04°11' Gemini• Moon: 25°31' Aries• Ascendant: 14°05' Sagittarius• MC: 16°54' Libra
  9. AngryBean

    What Was Your First Job?

    My first job - was actually serving at a Multiple sclerosis society. I'd take orders and serve. I made friends with a lot of people there all elders. I was around 9 or 10. The only reason I ever worked there was that my Grandmother and my mother hosted it and they had to bring me along and I was given little tasks to do, to help out. Obviously, I wasn't paid but I was given treats for helping out. I didn't mind and I wanted to do it.
  10. AngryBean

    How Tall Are You?

    Hey, ^_^ I'm 5ft 6" - I wish I could be a little taller at least like 5ft 8.

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