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  1. Lexi Changeling

    Should my sexuality affect my chance on getting trans hormones?

    That's rough 😕 I'm sorry
  2. Just a quick question cause I've been warned by many people that quiet a few gender therapists have outright denied people hormones at my local GIC for being with someone of the same gender that they want to be, usually it's just for about 6 more months just to see if they're still sure about it. I've had the go-ahead for my hormones but I had to deny I have a girlfriend and I identify as a lesbian and I met a friend in the GIC who is also a transgirl who was honest about her sexuality and she's been held back. (Sorry if none of this makes sense I'm kinda ill)
  3. Lexi Changeling

    Eugenia Cooney could be getting help, finally!

    If she really is getting help she could truly be an inspiration for anyone going through similar situations and hopefully change the minds of the people who were viewing her weight as a potential goal. I wish them all the best ^^
  4. Lexi Changeling

    Eugenia Cooney could be getting help, finally!

    It's kinda sad that people were being super aggressive to Greg for putting forward the subject but as soon as Pewdiepie says something, stuff starts to happen. Oh well, hopefully she does get better ^^

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