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  1. She is, without debate. Found the IG it was shared on. As someone who’s battled ED, I’m simply thrilled to see this. I’m so happy she’s still here.
  2. This was on Facebook, it’s said to be from a hairdresser’s photo feed but I don’t know who. If this is true, she does look like she’s getting healthier.
  3. I swear I lost my mind when I decided to take on full time college while raising 5 kids. I just started my 2nd term on the 1st and already feel like I’m about to drop the ball on things somehow. It’s a lot. Give me some of your go to ways to keep on track with stuff that needs to be done each week. I tried the paper planner thing because most moms I know insist it’s the holy grail to getting your crap together but uhhhh... I filled out a week or two and then never touched it again. I’m defective. 😂
  4. Little Children. Based off of a book, stars Kate Winslet. I first watched it at a time when I was struggling deeply with my dying marriage and feeling like my identity had slipped away from me and been replaced with being nothing more than "mom". My favorite quote that I still think of often is "You couldn't change the past. But the future is a different story, and it had to start somewhere."
  5. I was on a basketball team for two years. I didn't honestly enjoy it but I was 7 inches taller than average for my age and that's what people kept telling me to play. Because being tall supposedly gives you automatic basketball skill sets 😂 (No, I was not actually very good at it.)
  6. I wish. I live in a duplex with a concrete slab for a backyard. I have tried to do the planter box gardening before but the only plants that produced were my tomato plants. Which were fantastic. Living in apartments and the like for my entire adult life so far has been hard because I grew up on acreage and we did grow a lot of our produce, we didn't do livestock of any sort. I especially miss having the cherry orchard.
  7. I was with my ex for a total of 9 years, between the dating phase and married phase.
  8. Had a provider give me morphine by IV for preterm labor (which still bothers me to this day that that's the route she took instead of any of the typical ones). Broke out into a full body rash, heart rate went over 200 BPM and I couldn't stop vomiting. And it didn't help the labor portion either, so I went through that for nothing. I refused to ever see her again, she was nuts.
  9. I had to privatize my content because of harassment from exes and their friends/family. I do hope to begin producing content again when the time is right.
  10. They love the attention, they love the ego inflation, they love the money. That's what comes to mind.
  11. I have literally no desire to sub to him. He bores me. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis. Basically, my spine hates me.
  13. Yes. And it becomes especially draining when I have people reaching out to me almost daily needing to vent and get input from me. One of my closest friends tried pushing me to go to school to become a counselor or therapist but I don't believe it would be healthy for me.
  14. Uh, whatever genre Collins Key is? That whole thing could go die now. Along with the Paul brothers' channels. Constantly yelling and staging completely fake pranks pretending they're real isn't a special skill or a form of comedy, IMO.
  15. Agnostic. I started going to church at 15 years old, mostly because I was really lonely and the youth group offered an opportunity to make friends. Long, stupid story but I ended up married at 17 to a guy who grew up christian but wasn't practicing. Then over the next few years he went hardcore right wing christian, then transitioned to messianic Judaism, and all that time I was pummeled with all the different translations of the bible and noticed infinite contradictions. Never personally felt any sort of "god presence" like others in the church said. The bible itself is a mess. The politics and social/class hierarchy in churches are a mess. I left the church at about 24 years old. I'm 29 now. Agnostic and happy, and my life is mostly peaceful.
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