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  1. Pearl

    What Were You Doing?

    Studying for a few tests 😕
  2. Pearl

    Eugenia Cooney could be getting help, finally!

    There's speculation the update was posted by family with access to her Twitter and not posted by Eugenia herself. We don't have access to all of the information however. We can only speculate. It's interesting what the police said about referencing her last tweet. I hope it's not the police managing her Twitter account 😐
  3. Pearl

    What Game Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?

    I've been playing "The Alliance Alive" on the Nintendo 3DS. It's quite a fun game and I'm enjoying the in-depth story telling so far. I like the rainy environment. The Battle system is interesting. More info: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/the-alliance-alive-3ds
  4. I thought we'd be able to live inside video games.
  5. Pearl

    What phone do you use?

    Currently I use an iPhone 7. It works quite nicely and meets my needs :))
  6. I generally only cry when having anxiety attacks. There are a variety of reasons it can occur 😕
  7. Pearl

    What website do you spend the most time on?

    YouTube and Twitter mostly, maybe Google if you count that.
  8. Pearl

    The Gender Debate

    The dictionary defines as... This is inclusive of other genders. It also points out gender relates to social and cultural differences opening up more possibilities.
  9. It shouldn't, if you think your therapist is being unreasonable try to find another provider. The main issue for most people however is cost 😕
  10. Pearl


    I think we are part of the community. It's weird because no one like attacks us over it. Some religious circles will try to force females to have a husband but beyond that asexuals aren't really under constant attack. Many circles in the LGBTQ+ community refer to it as LGBTQIA+ which directly includes asexual people.
  11. Pearl

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    I'm non-binary (closer to agender than anything else), I'm also asexual so the best partner for me is me :))
  12. Pearl

    What should the forum rules be?

    A few things should be included: Be civil and considerate of others Don't attack/harass people because of their gender/sexuality/etc It's okay to disagree, but avoid personal attacks, constructive critisim is allowed Obviously have a rule against spam

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