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  1. It is but everyone’s different and some people say going threw a bad time in life because depression has help them figure out health ways to cope so the can better deal with their episodes.
  2. Really tired but In a good mood

  3. Well everyone is different so it depends on the person. Because a lot of factors contribute to Depression and other mental health issues. From my personal experience My significant other had horrible depression when they were younger and it seems like there is never a time when they weren’t depressed or experiencing extreme anxiety. But now in their mid-20s they seem fine while still having some depression is much less than what they had when they were younger and they are able to deal with it in a much healthier way. But this is not the case for everyone another person in my life Who did not start having extreme trouble with their depression until they got older. TheyStarted to experience episodes of depression that lasted for longer periods of time than before. So everyone’s different when it comes to if it gets worse or better with age most people say gets worse because sometimes more stress comes with age. Others say gets better because you can be more accurately diagnosed because your brain and Body are done developing. So in my opinion it really just depends on the person and what is going on in their life at that time.
  4. Starting to feel better

    1. Candy


      Feeling ok

  5.  Feeling anxious but not sure why? 

  6. totally know how that feels
  7. Finally got my hair cut and colored this time dark  reddish and purple streaks

  8. Liking the warm weather 

  9.  Trying   To make it through a really hard time 

  10. Keep trying maybe your trying to hard to forget her and that’s why you keep thinking about her? I know how it feels but i just tried to focus on something positive each day. Hope this helps a little
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