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  1. Starting to feel better

    1. Candy


      Feeling ok

  2.  Feeling anxious but not sure why? 

  3. totally know how that feels
  4. Finally got my hair cut and colored this time dark  reddish and purple streaks

  5. Liking the warm weather 

  6.  Trying   To make it through a really hard time 

  7. Green tea and vitamin water
  8. Keep trying maybe your trying to hard to forget her and that’s why you keep thinking about her? I know how it feels but i just tried to focus on something positive each day. Hope this helps a little
  9. My physical abnormality is that I have a genetic disease myotonic dystrophy type one classical it’s a rare form of muscular dystrophy. A genetic abnormality where your chromosome chromosome repeats too many times. So my physical abnormality is having a disease that causes a lot of physical abnormalities. But staying positive is one thing the disease can’t stop me from doing.
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